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Application essay writing always becomes a problem for students. What to write in an application letter? What meaning has it to bear? How to write an application letter to all the rules?

Application essay is a one A4 page essay long, which a student applies with other documents for admission to higher education. Depending on the university, the presentation of an application letter may be required to undergraduate, graduate and even doctoral studies. In the essay, the student must write about himself, talk about his merits, talents and about why it is necessary to enroll him in a course. According to the application letter, selection committee can judge the applicant's identity, purpose and dignity.

Most of the students when they apply to the university, face with the need to write an essay about themselves for the first time, so they often make mistakes. In this article, we will talk about the basic principles of writing an application essay and how to sustain the desired style and sense the balance in the text.

The structure of the application letter

Classic cover letter is divided into three parts - introduction, main part and conclusion. Pay special attention to writing the introduction and conclusion, they will remain in the memory of the host committee, and will help to make the right first impression.

All three parts of the application essay should be clearly structured. In order for your essay was interesting and informative, it should contain answers to the following questions:

1. How and why did you become interested in the chosen subject or course?

2. How can you demonstrate this interest?

3. Why did you choose this school?

4. What are the career opportunities you are considering?

5. What complex situations and obstacles (financial, social, physical) you had to overcome to achieve your goals?

6. What skills and personal qualities do you have?

7. How do you show the strengths of your personality in life?

8. What should make the person, daily reading hundreds of such texts, to remember you? together with collected the most useful tips on writing a perfect application essay.

Tips on writing an application essay

So, you see the monitor with the blank sheet of Word and the need to write an essay. Follow these tips, and your application essay is sure to be successful and will attract attention of the selection committee of the university!

1. Make an informative essay

Before writing an application essay collect all information about yourself that the selection committee is worth to know. Remember that your essay should be as informative as possible, otherwise it may seem superficial, and you - a man inattentive to details. Be sure to select the information carefully, because you have to bring positive emotions to people who do not know you personally.

 2. Satisfy the interests of the institution

Some universities on their websites publish questions that students are encouraged to respond in the application essay. Do not ignore them! Let the selection committee receive all the information that it wants to receive.

 3. Keep in mind the requirements of the university

A number of educational institutions have specific requirements to the application essays of students. For example, you may be asked to submit a handwritten essay, mentioning even the ink (black or blue), in which it should be written. Follow the advice of the university!

 4. Set up the accents correctly

Correct semantic accents - the key to successful motivational essay. Regardless of the requirements of the institution, in your text, focus on three key issues:

Why do you want to study on this course?

Why do you want to study in this university?

Why do you want to live and study in this country / city?

Your answers will demonstrate your personal and academic goals and will help the Commission to understand why they should take you.

 5. Do not be afraid to pat yourself

In fact, your main goal when writing an essay is to show your candidature in a favorable light. Do not hesitate to praise yourself, talk about your merits and talents, but do not be boring and monotonous! Tell about your advantages, as well as about what you would like to improve, and how the chosen course will help you to do this.

6. Write in a nice and fairly simple language

Not being a native speaker is quite difficult to write on it. Application essay must be written in literate, but relatively simple language. Do not overload it with long and abstruse words, avoid colloquial language and do not try to demonstrate your knowledge of all the revolutions of a foreign language on one sheet! Remember that everything you wrote, should be understood in an appropriate meaning.

 7. Carefully expresses your personality

Each student due to his application essay seeks to stand out from the hundreds of other applicants. This can be done, as much as possible showing your individuality. However, do not overdo it - do not add pictures, photos, video and graphics to the essays, if it is not required. Do not try to come up with a joke or original format, it may be out of place. Much better recommendation will give you a structured competent essays containing important information and written in the right style.

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In addition:

- Indicate your strengths and weaknesses, rather than flaws

- Do not write in the about yourself in the third person

- Use vocabulary carefully, do not use the words, the meaning of which is not exactly sure

- Do not use slang and jargon

- Do not write poems and rhymes

- Write and check your application essay for errors. Then check again and again

- Have enough time to write the essay. Do not try to write it for the day. Set aside to write an essay for a few days, then read again

- Show it to your friend or to your teacher. A fresh look will help you to find errors or omissions

- Do not exceed the limit allotted for application essay. This will mean that you can not perform the tasks set for you

- Do not copy application essays from the Internet. The selection committee, which reads more than 1000 essays per day will recognize such a letter and send it to the trash without a problem.

There are many cases when the applicants with not very high grades entered universities through well written application essay. Pay to its writing at least a month. Depending on the program you are applying to, the essay should have different accents. Thus, the application essay should answer the questions: why do you want to study in this university than the university is attractive to you, your strengths. For admission to the legal profession in the application essay there should clearly be traced the presentation logic. Business programs require leadership skills, the ability to quickly orient yourself in unusual situations. All these have to be reflected in the motivation letter.

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