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Essay on cancer is a very complicated an important topic. Whether you are writing essays on lung cancer or skin cancer essay, you should perform a certain research, collecting the information and the latest data. Essay on breast cancer is another important topic and it is necessary to note, that it represents the actual problem in the health care of our society.

Today, there is a huge number of all sorts of diseases that humanity has never encountered before. Some of them are easily cured, and some lead to death. One of the most terrible and common diseases, which affects a large number of people on the planet every day, is cancer. People, who died due to cancer, account for more than 20 percent of all deaths. Cancer can be of certain types, but the most common are lung cancer, breast cancer, blood cancer and stomach cancer.

What is cancer?

Cancer is a destruction of tissues, which are constantly growing and increasing in the number of cancer cells, which are almost impossible to stop. The human body can not contain anti-cancer cells, so it can only be treated surgically, and exclusively at an early stage. Since cancer cells grow uncontrollably, they create tumors that can appear in any part of the body. The treatment of cancer and the search for drugs from it constitute a separate branch of science, but an ideal medicine has not yet been found. In connection with the growing risk of the disease, many people want to know how to prevent the development of cancer and help to protect the body against this terrible disease.

How to prevent cancer and found the most useful tips for you!

Physical activity

In order to minimize the likelihood of developing cancer, it is necessary to adhere to a number of simple rules, one of which is regular physical activity. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more susceptible to various illnesses, because due to lack of movement their body weakens and can not fight the infections that are stalking us at every turn. In addition, physical activity improves blood circulation, preventing an increase in insulin levels in the blood. This is very important, since an overestimated level of insulin often causes the development of cancerous tumors. Thanks to sports training you will strengthen immunity, improve the work of internal organs and will be able to control your weight.

Give up smoking

It was already said a lot about the dangers of smoking, but not all smokers have realized the seriousness of the problem and turn a blind eye to possible complications. Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer. First, nicotine significantly weakens the immune system, preventing the body from recovering and strengthening itself. Secondly, the substances contained in cigarette tobacco, contribute to the acceleration of the process of cell division, which, in fact, increases the likelihood of developing cancer. The earlier you quit smoking, the more chances you will have to maintain your health and protect yourself from cancer. We can help you to write an essay on any topic!

Abstinence from alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol and even low-alcohol drinks can also cause cancer. First of all, it leads to liver cancer, and also promotes the formation of tumors in other parts of the body. Women who abuse alcohol are more likely than others to have breast cancer. However, this is not all. In addition to the liver, during drinking, the oral cavity, stomach and esophagus suffer. They are also exposed to the ethanol contained in alcoholic beverages, and become an easy prey for cancer cells. Needless to say that alcohol destroys the micro flora of the body and slows down metabolic processes, which negatively affects the entire body as a whole.

Healthy Eating

Revise your daily diet. It should consist of 70% of vegetables and fruits that are beneficial to the body and have a positive effect on its work. Antioxidants, which are part of most fruits, strengthen the immune system, and vitamins rid the body of bad cells. In addition, it is vegetables and fruits that are the richest source of energy that is needed to prevent cancer. Avoid high calorie foods with a high content of fats and carbohydrates. The same applies to semi-finished products, which do not carry practically any benefit, but only enrich the body with chemical additives, preservatives and emulsifiers.

Decreased consumption of meat

No matter how much they talk about the benefits of meat, it is meat that can cause bowel cancer. Pork, beef and mutton are the most dangerous types of meat, the amount of consumption of which should not exceed one and a half kilograms per week per person. The more is the portion of meat, the higher is the risk of cancer. Meat in the form of semi-finished products must be abandoned completely, because it is especially harmful to the body, even in minimal quantities. These include sausages, bacon, ham and corned beef. Place an order right now and enjoy the result!

Salt and sugar

If your diet includes a large amount of salt and sugar, you run the risk of being among people with stomach and colon cancer. Despite the fact that the salt reveals the taste of many products and complements the various dishes, it is quite harmful, as it can eat up walls of the stomach, getting into it in large quantities. As for sugar, it is it which is the best source of energy for cancer cells, which, thanks to sugar, develop and multiply even more rapidly, contributing to the progression of cancer. If you can not do without salt, try replacing it with less dangerous spices from natural herbs.

Normalization of blood cholesterol level

As you know, an increased level of cholesterol is the cause of many diseases, including cancer. Accumulating on the walls of blood vessels, bad cholesterol clogs them, making it difficult for the blood to circulate in the body. Internal organs can not saturate with oxygen, they do not get enough nutritive and useful substances, as a result of which the body weakens and can not fight against viruses and cancer cells. Therefore, you need to abandon foods rich in cholesterol, and replace them with more useful products that reduce cholesterol.

Controlling body weight

Few people know that overweight leads not only to problems with the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs and the musculoskeletal system, but also often causes the development of cancer, increasing the likelihood of the formation of bowel cancer. In order to prevent such undesirable consequences, it is necessary to always control and maintain your weight within the limits of the norm. To do this, you need to play sports, as well as to adhere to a variety of diets that will not only help to reduce weight, but also cleanse the body of toxins.

Protection from external factors

In addition to the cancer of the internal organs, there is another type of this disease - skin cancer. It occurs as a result of excessive exposure to the skin of harmful ultraviolet rays, and also because of the lack of vitamins D and E. To avoid skin cancer, you should regularly use sunscreen products, as well as to consume enough foods rich in vitamins.

Remember that oncological diseases found at an early stage are amenable to treatment, so you should regularly undergo a checkup for cancer and immediately begin treatment if you have signs of oncology. Timely diagnosis in conjunction with the implementation of the above recommendations will reduce the likelihood of cancer development to a minimum and keep your health for many years to come.

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