Essay On Forgiveness

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Forgiveness essays is what we often write about in college. To write good forgiveness essay it is necessary to know some of aspects of this concept and to be able to understand it the way you percept it.

Each of us would like to have kind, understanding, loving and caring next to us. However, what if someone offended you and turned from our best friend into an enemy? Where do find enough powers to understand the offender and to forgive him? These questions may sound quite abstract, until we meet them face to face.

According to Wikipedia, It is very difficult to understand what forgiveness is if to try to talk about this concept in the key of international and interreligious conflicts, in which too much pain and sadness are involved. They are huge, and they can be researched on the social level only. In order to be able to forgive other people, we need to experience it in our life. Only then, we will have a vivid understanding of the situation. We all make mistakes in our lives and time after time, we may offend and hurt another person. We know this feeling of guilt, the desire to make amends and to find the way to make up a quarrel with the person we offended. Having understood our mistake, we are hoping that this person will forgive us and only then the balance in the soul will be restored. It becomes easier for the person, who experienced this feeling of relieved, to forgive other people, as he understands the way they are suffering because of the offence in your side.

If we have enough courage and wisdom to forgive our offender, it brings us joy and relief. We all had quarrels with our relatives or friends. What did you feel about it? You will agree that this feeling is not good. However, it lasts up to the moment when the conflict is resolved. The main way to forgive is to do it not on your words, but in your heart as well, because the sincerity is the key to forgiveness. If you decided to forgive someone, you need to do it without any boarders or conditions. Do it from the bottom of your heart. We should always remember that each of us can make a mistake. It is a human nature and we need to understand that if we forgive, we will also be forgiven.

Let us always remember that we all are being affected by stress and worries, which can be hidden from our eyes, but they are still influencing our actions and deeds. Sometimes they can even make us made mistakes. The feeling of compassion and refusal to discuss people behind their backs – are the first steps to forgiveness. As soon as you try to follow these steps, you will see that you will not be neither offender not offended and your life will gain new sense of kindness and happiness.