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Gay marriage argumentative essay or persuasive essay on gay marriage should contain a number of aspects that should be thoroughly described. Gay marriage essays are informative and interesting, as in gay marriage essay you may find some arguments that may change your opinions about this phenomenon.

The question of gay marriages have always been very actual. All the people have different opinions, however, the phenomenon of gay marriages can not be denied.

If it seems to you that homosexuality is something unnatural, "not real," it's just your subjective point of view. You have the right not to step on legal grounds.

The legalization of gay marriages takes place on the Earth. Here in France, the other day, a legitimate marriage combined the first gay couple.

It is no exaggeration to say that people are divided into two categories: those who see the wildest surrealism and the impending doom of mankind in this, and those who believe that it is not necessary to adjust the laws of nature to personal preferences.

Moreover, what does science say about this? The Guardian columnist, Dean Burnett, proposes to consider the most common arguments against the legalization of gay marriages from a scientific point of view. and collected the most interesting facts for you!

For some people, it seems most logical to refer to the fact that acts of homosexual sex do not occur in nature (in fact, they occur). This is a very strange approach, because in nature there are a lot of things that people do and think it's normal. For example, the conclusion of marriage: a romantic union, sealed legally and ceremonially, - have you seen much of this in animal world? Or, perhaps, the lions draw up documents before mating? Penguins, even if they live with their partner for life, do not celebrate a wedding. The mantis does not lead the daughter to the altar, and this has a very important reason for which it is better for you to inquire elsewhere.

In short, our understanding of what is natural is often based on ignorance and fantasy. In addition, the more stupid and senseless it is to try to transfer the things which exist in nature on man.

Of course, when talking about naturalness, many people have in mind the ability to produce children, but in humans, procreation is not always the goal of a love relationship. Do all the heterosexuals tend to have children?

Nowadays, gay marriages are legalized and such couples can even adopt children. The traditional family is considered to be the best place for raising children.

Therefore the state is obliged to support it as a model for imitation. Social studies have long proved that the traditional family leads to better results in the upbringing of children and gives them special "social benefits". In such families, the sexual relationship between husband and wife is designed in such a way that it brings great benefits to family members and society as a whole. It also helps men to lead a more responsible and productive life. The traditional family prevents the male impulse to random sexual relations and female egocentrism in the constant search for a man of higher status. It makes men fathers and women mothers, holding potential parents together in order to educate the children they gave birth to. Studies show that such a family structure brings better results in the health, economic well-being and well-being of men, women and children. It's no secret that the breakdown of family relations leads to disastrous consequences for all who are connected with divorced parents. Check for our service right now!

Today, there are many divorces that break up the traditional family, and so homosexual activists and some liberals claim that it has not lived up to expectations. They say that for this reason the traditional family is not an absolute and must therefore be abolished. However, such an argument is based on a false thesis. If people violate the traffic rules because of their carelessness, this does not automatically mean that these rules should be canceled. If students fail the exams because of their laziness, this does not mean that the exam system should be canceled. Divorce, as a rule, occurs precisely because one side, or both sides, behave inappropriately before or after the marriage. The collapse of traditional culture as a whole causes great damage to traditional families. The increasing number of cohabiting couples, radical feminism, promiscuous sexual relations, pornography, adultery and illegitimate childbearing contribute to the multiplication of the number of divorces among married couples.

One thing remains unchallenged: a traditional family as the fruit of a voluntary union between one man and one woman - an alliance that excludes the rest of the people - is an ideal place for loving spouses and for the stable upbringing of children.

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