15 Facts You Didn't Know About Your Brain


Our body is amazing. It is able to complete numerous functions, and sometimes we can be surprised by the things, which our body can. All the functions of our organism are being controlled by our brain. Have you ever thought how your brain works? Do you have an idea of what it consists of? It is very important to know some interesting facts about your brain, in order to be aware of all its functions, you probably had no idea of.

We have made a research and collected 15 the most interesting facts about our brain:

  1. Our brain uses about 20% of the whole oxygen consumed by your body.

  2. Our brain is the fastest organ in our body. By the way, it consists of 60% of fat.

  3. Most people think that they become cleverer with age. However, it is not true. The truth is that with age you are losing your intelligence.

  4. The brain of an average person weighs 2.6 pounds. It is a myth that the more your brain weighs, the smarter you are.

  5. It is also a myth that only 10% of our brain really works. In fact, every part of the brain is constantly functioning.

  6. Men are using left part of the brain to process the information, while women are using both sides at the same time.

  7. The development of our brain continues up to the age of 25.

  8. Our brain consists of 75% of water.

  9. Every day you have about 50000 thoughts.

  10.  When you are yawning, your brain is being enriched with oxygen. Yawning also helps to waken up and activate the brain.

  11.  Our brain is not able to feel pain, that is why brain surgery can be performed when the person is awake.

  12.  If you start learning second language at the age of 5, then in future your brain will be better developed.

  13.  Some scholars say that our ability to dream can be explained as an exercises for our brain.

  14.  Our brain produces enough energy to lighten a light bulb.

  15.  It is also a known fact that you are unable to tickle yourself, because your brain is able to foresee this sense and avoid it.

As you see, our brain is an amazing organ. The more we develop our brain, the more we can achieve in our lives. We should do our best to develop our skills in all the possible ways, in order to practice the abilities of our brains. There exists a huge number of exercises, meant to develop this amazing organ. One more important functioning of the brain is our memory. In order to develop memory, it is strongly recommended to learn poems, texts, and do other specific exercises. It is said to be really helpful.

We truly hope that this information was useful for you and you found out a lot of new and interesting facts about the amazing abilities of our brain!

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