Top 7 Of The Most Popular Spices Of The World


Check out the list of top 7 the most popular spices of the World! Did you know how to use them in cooking your favorite dishes? Check it now! Marjoram. It is appreciated in the cuisine of any country. It is recommended to add it to the hard digestible dishes, which include peas or white beans, as well as in meat dishes. Baked goose and lard are very tasty, when marjoram is added. However, these capabilities of use of marjoram are not limited. People say: "fatty foods and marjoram are two ...Continue reading

20 Tips How To Avoid Stress And Always Keep Calm


Stress is an evitable part of our everyday life. We can face it any day, due to a large number of problems, which may occur. Problems at work, in family, car accident on the road or a simple stress because of too large amount of work can become really harmful for your health. Stress influences negatively the whole body in general, that is why it is very important to do your best in order to avoid stressful situations, be happy and positive. Our simple tips will help you to avoid stress. The ...Continue reading

Bilingualism: Pros And Cons


The topic of bilingualism may seem quite easy and insignificant at first. You may have your own point of view and stick to it. However, when some people find bilingualism positive, others may consider it to be negative. That is why, the problem of points of view may arise. As a result, the problem of bilingualism becomes broader and more serious. So, let’s find out what bilingualism really mean. It is the possessing and usage by a person of at least two languages. In particular, a ...Continue reading

The History Of Sushi


The homeland of sushi, according to Wikipedia, is Japan, which is an island nation surrounded by water. Their national cuisine consists in rice and fish. These products are the main ingredients of sushi. The main feature of sushi is considered to preserve the original sushi taste and appearance of the product. Classic sushi do not undergo any treatment. Only freshly caught sea fish is used. The most common sushi are made from perch, tuna, salmon and mackerel. The main products which are also ...Continue reading

The History Of The Hamburger


The modern history of fast food began in the US, in connection with the opening of the first restaurant in the form of an automaton, a cafeteria with a showcase and a mechanism for accepting coins, which in itself was a sensation. Since then, numerous machines have appeared in all corners of America and Europe and have become extremely popular. Companies have also actively popularized this invention, putting forward the slogan: "Less work for Mother". One of them,  “White Castle" ...Continue reading

The Most Interesting Facts About Candies


The word "candy", according to Wikipedia, comes to us from the Latin “canamella”, which means “something other, than sugar cane”. We will not be lucky enough to know exactly when it was the first time when mankind has realized the beauty of properties of sugar. However, we know that more than two thousand years ago Indian Dalits roasted sugarcane in the fire, thus, obtaining some primitive caramel. Although historians have argued that the very first and most popular ...Continue reading

The Most Popular Desserts Of The World


Do you like desserts? We just love them. Moreover, we especially love the desserts, which are associated with some kind of amazing story. So, today we have prepared for you the collection of the most famous deserts in the world. 1. In translation from the French "crème brûlée" means "burnt cream." Classic crème brulee is a creamy custard cream with caramel crust. In Spain, there is a very similar dessert, which is called “the Catalan cream” or “cream of St. ...Continue reading

The Most Popular Sauces Of The World


Sauce, according to Wikipedia, is a liquid seasoning, which is fed to the main course. Sauces are known from immemorial time, while first ones appeared in the ancient kitchen. The ancient Romans were proud of their garum - liquid seasoning made from vinegar and fish: mackerel or tuna were held in the sun for a few months, then boiled and added vinegar to fish base, as well as salt, pepper, olive oil and wine. Any sauce consists of a liquid base (fish, meat, mushroom, vegetable broth, cream, ...Continue reading

The Most Popular Zoos In The World


Zoological Park (Zoo) - one of the unique laboratories for the conservation of wildlife diversity and wildlife museum, created by man, it is a scientific and educational institution. Today zoos are springing up everywhere. Sometimes they contain only a few animals, besides bad conditions tourists still paying attention to such places. However, there are zoos in the world, a visit to which will leave a lasting impression. It is here that you have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the animals ...Continue reading

Traditions And Peculiarities Of French Cuisine


Cuisine of any country is an integral and important part of its culture and mentality. Every country has its own, special food, special ingredients, and combinations thereof, and there are always present some national dishes. In some cases, these dishes become symbols of a country, and any foreigner who comes to the country, must be sure to try this dish. Russia is popular with soup, hash, jelly; Ukraine with bacon, dumplings; Italy - pizza, pasta, cheese; Norway - fish dishes. Let's talk about ...Continue reading

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