Green Smoothies: Benefit And Harm. Rules of consumption


Smoothies, according to Wikipedia, have become known since the early 70s of the last century, when the first "Healthy café" opened in the US. It sold useful products shredded in a blender. Smoothies is a drink made from fresh fruit and vegetables in a blender, with the addition of yogurt, ice cream, milk or cereal. Freshly made smoothies made of fruits and vegetables are the symbols of sunny days. However, these are trifles, in comparison to the benefits they bring. Yes, the use of green ...Continue reading

Useful Properties Of Ginger


Ginger, according to Wikipedia, is a herbaceous plant that grows in Japan, India, Brazil, Jamaica, Argentina, China, West Africa, and Vietnam. Its homeland are the western regions of India and Southeast Asia. Ginger is a cultivated plant, which was never found in the wild. In Sanskrit ginger "Zingiber" is translated as "horned root". The period plantation of ginger falls on the spring months - from March to April. Ripening period lasts from half a year to 10 months, depending on the conditions ...Continue reading

How To Make Homemade Ice Cream


To paraphrase a famous saying, we can say this: "Ice cream for all ages", because people of all ages really love it! A huge range allows everyone to enjoy his favorite  taste: clean ice cream or the one with additives, milk and creamy, fruit and chocolate, wafer cups and chocolate, with all sorts of additives, "heaped up" and "stranded" with fantasies of chefs and designers. Well, how can we resist it? Among other advantages of this summer dessert, there is one great - you can easily make ...Continue reading

What Are The Most Popular Types Of Ice Cream?


Ice cream, according to Wikipedia, is a frozen sweet mass, which is preferably made of milk and dairy products, can be supplemented with a variety of flavors and food additives, fruit and chocolate. Ice Cream in an essence which is very high in calories, as some varieties of ice cream contain up to 20% of fat and 20% of carbohydrates. All kinds of ice cream can be divided into three groups: cream, fruit ice and sorbet. The ice cream composition includes animal or vegetable fats, while the basis ...Continue reading

Peculiarities Of Mediterranean Cuisine


In the middle of the last century, an interesting paradox was revealed. It turned out that the inhabitants of the coastal areas of the Mediterranean sea, despite the fact that they consume a lot of fat and alcohol, have low rates of heart disease and rarely suffer from excess weight. The secret lies in a special diet, which was called "Mediterranean diet". Mediterranean sea is being surrounded by more than 15 countries, the cuisine of which differs in their identity and their own culinary ...Continue reading

Impressionism - style in fine arts and its features


Impressionism, according to Wikipedia, is a style is first and foremost something ethereal, ephemeral, fleeting inexorably. This is an exciting moment that the eye barely has time to fix and which then remains in the memory as the greatest moment of harmony. Impressionist Masters are famous for the ability to easily transfer this wonderful moment on the canvas, giving it tangible sensations and subtle vibrations that occur with all reality in the interaction with the picture. When you look at ...Continue reading

New Seven Wonders of the World


Modern man is at the head of many things: people conquer outer space, reveal more and more mysteries of nature. It is even difficult to list everything. It becomes more and more difficult to strike the imagination of modern man, because the most daring dreams are being implemented in front of him. However, those things that seem to be an extraordinary miracle and the top of creative thought, in a few decades will be as commonplace and familiar for us, as television, for example. Nevertheless, ...Continue reading

Top 10 Of The Most Amazing Places Of The Planet


Our planet is an amazing thing, full of mysteries and interesting places. There are many different places of interest, which we do not even know about. That is why, we have collected the list of the most unusual places, that will impress your imagination. Waitomo, according to Wikipedia, is a cave of fireflies in New Zealand. New Zealand is a beautiful country, proud of its beautiful scenery. However, its main attractions are not only on the surface - it is just as beautiful ...Continue reading

Interesting Fact About The Honey


Honey, according to Wikipedia, is a product that is well known to everyone. It has excellent taste and extraordinary aroma. It being loved by the representatives of different age categories. Besides the fact that it is tasty, honey has many beneficial properties for humans. It is used both in cooking and for medicinal purposes. Honey has a very rich history. It was highly valued and used in ancient times. In particular, one of the most talented doctors who worked in ancient times - Avicenna, ...Continue reading

The Benefit Of Freshly Squeezed Juices


Fresh juices, according to Wikipedia are useful and it is an indisputable fact. They contain vitamins and minerals, and they are quite easily absorbed by the body. The freshly prepared vegetable and fruit drinks are rich in fiber and pectin - substances that regulate the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal peristalsis. Many juices have healing properties due to substances that have anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect. They boost the immune system and have a beneficial effect on sleep ...Continue reading

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