Green Smoothies: Benefit And Harm. Rules of consumption


Smoothies, according to Wikipedia, have become known since the early 70s of the last century, when the first "Healthy café" opened in the US. It sold useful products shredded in a blender. Smoothies is a drink made from fresh fruit and vegetables in a blender, with the addition of yogurt, ice cream, milk or cereal.

Freshly made smoothies made of fruits and vegetables are the symbols of sunny days. However, these are trifles, in comparison to the benefits they bring. Yes, the use of green cocktails has been known for a long time. However, if you are a beginner, let us tell you some interesting facts.

Do you want to start making green smoothies? We often think that when we use ready-made juices, bought in stores, or seemingly light cocktails in a restaurant, it means that they are useful. Yes, of course, They taste good, but we can’t say that they are useful. Especially because many of them carry a lot of harmful energy value. When we are keeping to a diet or maintaining healthy lifestyle, we become hostages of the situation. We never consider the calories that come to us from a variety of juices and beverages.

Terms of use

  1. Vegetable, as well as fruit juices and cocktails re better to drink in the morning - for example, as the lunch or afternoon tea. Actually, their purpose is to charge you with energy, speed up your metabolism, boost your mood. However, it is not necessarily, as there are those who recommend to drink smoothies in the evening, 2-3 hours before bedtime, as any other meal.

  2. Concentrated extracts from fruits and vegetables have a loading dose of vitamins and minerals, but they also are very high in calories. Therefore, 400 g of smoothies per day for a person, not burdened with excess weight, is enough. If a mixture kind of sweet, then you should reduce the portion into the half.

  3. Vitamins are destroyed in the light and under the contact with oxygen, so hurry up to taste them as soon as possible!

  4. Fresh juice with pulp is always better than the liquid in its pure form: why to throw the tissue, which is so useful and ensures that you will not get hungry soon? Many people say so.

How to make smoothies?

Smoothies is a dense mixture of blended vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, dried fruits (not all at once, of course, but depending on your goals and mood). Unlike juices, it preserves all the useful nutrients in the ingredients: cellulose, vitamins, taste and texture of the products. This is certainly a full meal. Therefore, it is important that your glass possess the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The rules are:

  1. More green! Cucumbers, celery, spinach, parsley, basil, mint, lettuce - major players in the smoothies, which provide it with a nice bright color, and provide you with a generous dose of vitamins, fiber, minerals.

  2. To make a smoothie, we need a framework that will give depth and plasticity. Banana, avocado, mango, pear – will perfectly cope with this task. There is a great variety of options with their combinations.

  3. Do not forget about protein! Add dairy products, such as drinking yoghurt, for example (perfectly matches with berries and fruits, but not too much - with vegetables and herbs), or vegetable protein. Ground nuts, tofu, seeds, chia – are just what you need. I do not recommend adding dairy products to those, who cleanse their bodies.

  4. Smoothies not necessarily have to be homogeneous as purees: try the different modes of operation of the blender and find out which texture - with pieces or completely homogenized is up to your taste. To adjust the density according to your taste is also possible with the help of water or other liquid that you use as a base.

  5. Sugar, at least refined, has no place in a useful food. It is enough that you take the sweet mangos, pears or bananas as a basis. If you still want to get a taste of dessert, you have the right to add a spoonful of honey, maple syrup or dried fruits.

So, I think you realize that green fresh juices and smoothies is a real boon for everyone. This is the real source of vitamins and nutrients. Consuming them, you should know exactly that it is a full meal, like lunch, dinner and breakfast. Therefore, you can always use them if you are on a diet. Yes, they are perfect for those who are on a diet, as well as for those, who is undergoing purification of the body, who are looking for healthy recipes, or the way to recover after illness or surgery. You can drink such smoothies before or after training.

Important facts: the benefit of green cocktails (smoothies)

  • The fastest way to "alkalize" the body - helps to relieve inflammation.

  • 100% of the nutrients and vitamins penetrate directly into the bloodstream, reaching each of our 100 "trillions" of cells.

  • Rich with enzymes from plants, which help with the digestion of nutrients in the blood.

  • Energy Sources - Green drinks give us more energy than any natural juices.

  • Low blood sugar - Green drinks can be consumed by everyone, even diabetics.

  • The usage of the power of photosynthesis!

  • Help in food digestion process, efficiency in the processing of food in the stomach. You'll be surprised how much these juices and smoothies can "appease" the stomach, as well as to cure the esophagus, small intestine and colon.

  • Smoothies, retains all the vitamins that make up the smoothie ingredients. You can combine a smoothie with fresh juices, fruits and vegetables.

  • Smoothies gives a lot of energy, because it contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants.

  • Due to the presence of fibers and fiber in a smoothie, smoothies creates heaviness in the stomach.

  • Drinking smoothies allows to remove toxins and waste products from our body.

  • Smoothies use to maintain vitality, in order to reduce excess weight.

  • Smoothies can be attributed to the "anti-stress" means.

  • Smoothies contain a large number of vitamins, trace elements to strengthen our immunity.

Summer is the perfect time to prepare bright, fragrant and delicious smoothies, but you can prepare smoothies in winter, using frozen berries. You can also mix fresh fruits and frozen berries, changing set of ingredients, you can prepare a variety of smoothies. To decorate smoothies you can use a handful of shredded, your favorite, nuts, a slice of orange, berries. All these will be not only delicious, but also very beautiful. If desired, yogurt, ice cream, yoghurt, cream, milk, juice, it all depends on your preferences and tastes.

As for the harm of smoothies, we can say that before preparing smoothies - berries, fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed. It is impossible to eat smoothies and nothing else. Smoothies can not completely replace normal food, so you should be careful about that. It is important to note that a smoothie diet does not exclude the use of "solid food" as it is useful to our intestines. Smoothies can bring harm to the body, if you are allergic to components of the smoothies, it may be berries, fruits, dairy products. As a result, you should consider your personal peculiarities, as well as special traits of your organism, in order for smoothies to bring only positive aspects to your health.

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