Top 7 Of The Most Popular Spices Of The World


Check out the list of top 7 the most popular spices of the World! Did you know how to use them in cooking your favorite dishes? Check it now!

  1. Marjoram. It is appreciated in the cuisine of any country. It is recommended to add it to the hard digestible dishes, which include peas or white beans, as well as in meat dishes. Baked goose and lard are very tasty, when marjoram is added. However, these capabilities of use of marjoram are not limited. People say: "fatty foods and marjoram are two inseparable friends." Sauces, stews, soups, minced meat, pate, ham are being seasoned with marjoram. In powdered form, it can become an ornament for cold appetizers. This condiment can not be abused. In ancient times, in the houses of the nobility, marjoram was used to flavor water for hand washing. Currently, it is intended to be used in different dishes. Its use is so boundless that it would be easier to list the dishes, which should not contain this spice. It combines well with potato dishes, flick (traditional Polish dishes), pea soup. This is a great seasoning for lamb, beef, pork and fat goose meat. Salads and sauces (hot and cold) - it is another reason to use marjoram. It is also difficult not to recall the fish and pates. Marjoram blends perfectly well with thyme.

  2. Cinnamon. Cinnamon belongs to the sweet spices and is most often used in the manufacture of confectionery products and a variety of drinks. In Indian and Chinese cuisine, it is also used as a component for the preparation of various condiments, such as curry, which exists in five kinds. It is surprising to us that cinnamon spice can be used even in the recipes of meat dishes: in eastern cuisine large pieces of bark of the tree are often used, in order to give special flavor to stews and spicy sauces, and in Moroccan and Iranian cuisine cinnamon is traditionally added in the process of preparation of lamb meat. This spice is often added in different porridges: couscous, barley, peas, lentils. And finally, of course, it should be mentioned that cinnamon is used to flavor famous English beer.

  3. Ginger. Ginger is commonly added to sweet and savory dishes, especially soups, baked pork, poultry, lamb, various vegetable dishes, rice, eggs, desserts and fruit drinks, and, at the same time, it is used in canning cucumbers and pumpkins. Ginger is also one of the components of curry: thanks to it the seasoning gets a unique taste, which is particularly popular in Asian countries. This fragrant spice plays a key role in the domestic production of a variety of confectionery: cakes, pastries and biscuits. In general, ginger - is not only a culinary seasoning. It is added to the English ginger beer, which is called "Ginger ale", and in the American lemonade with the addition of yeast, sugar, lemon, raisins and pepper, which is known as "Ginger wine". In addition, if we add a little of ginger into whiskey, we will get a very popular drink "Whisky mac". As we have already seen, ginger can be used in a wide variety of dishes and drinks.

  4. Send topic - get draftRosemary. Pretty rarely rosemary is used as a standalone seasoning, most often it is an important component of the seasoning mixture, especially when combined with marjoram and thyme. The taste and aroma of rosemary perfectly complements some meat (lamb, poultry) and fish dishes. It is also used to flavor liqueurs, vodka, honey and herbal wine and even beer. Rosemary improves the taste of vegetable soups, dark sauces, chips and pizza. Especially well, it is combined with garlic and mushrooms, stewed in wine. Rosemary is a part of Provencal herbs, as it gives the characteristic flavor to marinades based on vinegar and oil. As a seasoning, rosemary is popular in Italy, France and England, where its taste is being fond of in particular.

  5. Oregano. It perfectly combines with ham, salads, fish sauce. It is an indispensable seasoning for roasted pork and lamb, meat soups, baked potatoes. Adding it into the dish should be performed shortly before serving the meal. The taste of oregano is often compared with marjoram. Large leaves are used to season soups, fish, crabs and eggs. Poles prefer to eat fish, stuffed with white bread with spiced minced oregano. It is also added to the meat, roasted over an open fire (shish kebabs, sausages, venison). Taste of oregano is more gentle in comparison with marjoram. It is also one of the components of the famous spices "Chilly". We can say that just a few decades ago, oregano was not so well-known. This seasoning perfectly complements the taste of many dishes: especially tomatoes, flavored with oregano.

  6. Chili. In cooking, the chili has no equal. Only somewhere in the background there looms pepper, which, of course, gives a sharp taste of chili. Goulash is a classic dish for chili. Savory meat, which include beans, lentils and chicken, hot sauce, this gives the unique flavor. Even meat soup with the addition of this spice has a very different taste. You can take a chance, saying that without the chili there would not be a Mexican cuisine. We should also remember one important fact: due to the fact that chili rapidly burns, do not put it in contact with the hot oil, because the end result is a dish with a bitter aftertaste. Formidable by nature and with beautiful appearance, chili can tickle not only the mouth but also the eyes. It is also a great decorative plant that is associated with Christmas.

  7. Mustard. Mustard is a great seasoning for sausages, fatty meat, boiled fish, hot and cold sauces, and of course, to dishes from eggs. Very important is the fact that mustard is being added to pickles, ham, cooking oils, mayonnaise and salads made of raw vegetables. It goes well with pickled cucumbers and other vegetables. Oils that make up the grains of this plant are very valuable in pharmacology. They are used in the production of mustard plasters which treat rheumatism and colds. This spice is also one of the "curry" components. Allspice is also added to cakes, cookies, liqueurs. Seasoning greasy sauce with mustard, you will not only get a special aroma, but also a delicate taste.

In case if you didn’t try some of these spices, you are welcome to do it, in order to be able to add it to your perfect dishes.

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