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Blog Submission Sites With DoFollow Links for SEO

As a SEO expert, you know for sure how challenging it has become to increase the visibility of the website and bring in more visitors. With rapidly changing algorithm and the emphasis on organic backlinks referring to your website, the dofollow link helps get your page indexed by Google, which in turn is the safest and the most stable strategy to increase your rankings. Feel ready to use our offer? Contact us right now!

With thousands of websites offering guest posting opportunities, the second challenge is how to find a truly reliable service to avoid the situation when guest blogging generates only problems instead of benefits. Placing a guest post on our website, you get the following guarantees: 

✓ Dofollow link - no exceptions to this rule. Nofollow links are useless, let’s be honest. While there are different opinions on this issue, we know for sure that dofollow links work in all cases.

✓ Page indexed by Google. If you have a backlink posted somewhere and yet Google is not aware of it, it has no value at all. When you collaborate with us for guest posting opportunities, you can be confident in Google indexing it. 

✓ Paypal payment. We accept payment through PayPal to add another level of security and openness to our offer. Guest post opportunities are burned with risks for both sides and we guarantee convenient experience for our partners. 

✓ No additional links your post. When you submit paid guest post, you definitely do not want to see 100 other links in it because the quality of such articles overloaded with links is very low. When you work us, you get one link per article, unless you decide to add more. 

If you do not have an article that can be posted, that is not a challenge! You can easily benefit from guest posting on our website by requesting us to post a link in an already published article. Just contact us with your request and get a detailed reply with terms, conditions, fees, and other aspects of our offer. 

Guest Posting Guidelines & Procedures

The process of inserting a backlink is very simple. All you need to do is to contact us with your request. In your message, please specify the following:

✓ The number of links you want to insert

✓ The article you chose for your link, if you have any preference

✓ The written blog post, if you want to write for us

✓ Any special requests you may have with regard to posting

That is it. In response, we will provide a detailed list of guest post guidelines. After all points are cleared, we will post your content on our website and provide you with the invoice to pay for the posting. We guarantee your link will stay in the article as per the agreed period of time. 

Guest Post Submission Rules and Restrictions 

While we accept guest posts, we have a number of rules on how to submit guest articles on our website. As a guest blogger, please keep in mind that we will not post articles that contain illegal content, call for actions that leads to illegal activities, promote hateful or racist movements, and aim to engage the visitors into deception or any form of scam. 

We will check the link you ask us to insert. If the link is not accessible, it will not be posted. If the content of the website changes after the link was posted, we reserve the right to remove the link without payment compensation. We strive to maintain open and mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers in the long-term and expect others to have the same attitude.

We do not have any special requirements for the author bio section, but we do require you to submit a blog post in English language only. You are also responsible for thoroughly proofreading it and making sure your article makes sense. It does not have to be closely related to our subjects covered by our website, but you should aim to link the content at least indirectly. If you need help with editing, proofreading, or organizing your blog post, feel free to contact us for assistance! We can write popular posts for you for an additional fee as well. 

Helpful Tips on How to Increase Your Guest Post Effectiveness

While backlink itself is what counts the most, it should be admitted that Google becomes smarter every year. It is not enough to insert a random link into a random article and expect positive results. To take the most advantage of your decision to buy a guest post on our website, please follow these tips on how to make your post as effective as possible:

  1. Find relevant topics that are of high interest for the potential readers in your niche. As your post will be indexed, you can increase its effectiveness through natural search results, when people find your article online by simply googling for the key terms. Both your potential customers and Google will appreciate it. 

  2. Write original content only! Authentic writing matters! And it matters a lot! If you simply submit the same article on multiple websites, you are wasting your time. While it takes time and effort to write an interesting and informative article, the benefits are rather apparent. If you have no idea or no desire to write an original article, leave us a note and we will help you with this task. 

  3. Republishing is not acceptable. We will not accept the blog post for publication if it is a copy/paste of the article written by someone (not you). We do not plagiarize and do not advise you to follow this path. Before publication, we do check the authenticity of the content you provide. 

  4. Match your article with the subject area of our website. While your business may be unrelated to our website’s main focus, you should still try to link your article thematically to the topics we cover. By doing so you increase the chance your potential audience will actually read the article and, equally important, Google will approach your article as organic.

Let’s Get Started

If you have any concerns or questions left, do not hesitate to contact us right now. If you feel ready to make the change in the visibility and trustability of your website, have no doubts to get quality backlinks here. There is no such concept as too many backlinks only in those cases when they are of high quality. That is exactly what we offer here!  We have already helped many customers boost the performance of their website and we can become your partner in this uneasy challenge as well. 

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