What Are The Most Popular Types Of Ice Cream?


Ice cream, according to Wikipedia, is a frozen sweet mass, which is preferably made of milk and dairy products, can be supplemented with a variety of flavors and food additives, fruit and chocolate. Ice Cream in an essence which is very high in calories, as some varieties of ice cream contain up to 20% of fat and 20% of carbohydrates. All kinds of ice cream can be divided into three groups: cream, fruit ice and sorbet. The ice cream composition includes animal or vegetable fats, while the basis for fruit ice, are fruit juice purees, frozen in a freezer, and sorbet is a soft ice cream based on fruit juice. Also, we can determine the classification of ice cream, according to other types. For example, composition, texture, taste and packaging form.

Classification of ice cream by its types

According to composition

  1. Ice Cream, based on animal fats.

  • The most famous one is ice cream. This is the highest in calories and fat dessert, but also the most delicious one. It consists of whole cow's milk, butter, condensed and dried cream, sugar, eggs, fruits, berries and cocoa products. The fat content of the product is from 2% to 20% of milk fat.

  • Milk ice cream. Is characterized with low fat and calorie content. The dessert contains part or whole milk powder, sugar, cornstarch, vanilla sugar. The fat content of dairy ice cream is about 3-4% milk fat, calories - 150-200 calories per 100 grams.

  • Creamy ice cream. The main component of this delicacy, of course, is the cream. The taste totally depends on the content of the fat. The percentage of fat content of the cream should not be below 10%.

  1. Ice Cream, based on vegetable oils: coconut and palm oil.

  • Fruit ice. It is a solid ice, the main components of which are the juices, fruit and berry puree, yogurt and even coffee and tea.

  • Sorbet is a frozen mixture that does not contain cream. This cold dessert made from natural juices and fruit puree, sometimes with the addition of light alcoholic drinks. Sorbet contains no animal fat, and the content of sugar is minimum.

According to the consistency

  • Tempered ice cream. This type of dessert made primarily in production. After preparation, it is frozen (quenched) to low temperatures and is kept in this form up to realization.

  • Soft ice cream. Such a product is produced mostly in cafes to be consumed immediately after preparation.

  • Homemade ice cream. It is home made and stored in a conventional freezer.

According to flavoring qualities

  • Vanilla

  • Chocolate

  • Crème Brule

  •  Chocolate

  • With fruits and berries

  • Coffee

According to the type of packaging

  • Close-packed. These include cakes, pastries, rolls, ice cream in the filling plastic containers, trays, ice-cream bowls and packaging of ice cream in a polymer shell.

  •  Finely packaged. This classification is the most common for ice-cream. The largest range of products - is packing ice cream in a waffle, plastic and paper cups, as well as pellets, wafer rolls and horns on a stick, chocolate or other glazes, etc.

The most bizarre and unusual types of ice cream

For lovers of cold desserts, there are premium desserts, unusual and exclusive kinds of ice cream. Consider some of the most famous and unusual kinds of ice cream:

  • Fried ice cream. It is very simple in preparation. To start from, balls of ice cream are being created and then frozen. After that, they are being rolled in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and then frozen again. These balls are fried in vegetable oil just before serving. This dessert is very common in Mexico.

  • Ice cream and bacon. Another delicious dessert can be regarded as ice cream with bacon. The basis of this culinary masterpiece is glazed bacon, which was invented by a culinary expert David Lebowitz.

  • Black ice cream. Due to the addition of black sesame seeds, this ice creams has such color and name. Such delicacy came to us from Japan.

  • Golden ice cream. There is also a special premium ice cream. One serving of this masterpiece costs about $ 1,000. Only most expensive American restaurants can boast of such desserts. Such a tasty dessert is being made from the best ice cream and golden foil. Actually, because of its presence, this ice cream has been known as a golden one. The foil is so thin that it should be eaten with the dessert. It will not bring any harm to the body. In addition, exotic and rare fruits are being added into this dessert.

  • Ice cream with algae and caviar. This is another prestigious dessert, consisting of seaweed and fish eggs. Dessert comes from Japan.

  • Onion ice cream. Onions are passaged prior to be added to the ice cream, to make it sweet. Eggs, milk, cream, sugar and vanilla powder are mixed in a blender. Despite the fact that onion is among ingredients, this dessert turns out delicious.

Traditionally, ice cream is considered to be harmful product. However, it turned out that it has a lot of advantages. Firstly, the dessert helps to produce serotonin in the body. This is a substance which helps us to get rid of stress, elevates mood and improves memory. Secondly, this ice cream contains a lot of mineral substances, useful to the organism: 25 fatty acids, 20 amino acids, the vitamins 20, 30 of mineral salts, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. In short, it can only be helpful if it is made from natural products without the addition of dyes and essences.

However, we should remember that ice cream is useful not for everyone. There is a number of shortcomings in this wonderful dessert. For example, it is proven that it can cause headaches. After contact of cold product with the stomach, body temperature reduces very quickly, blood vessels constrict, and the blood flow to the brain slows down. Because of this fact, the headache may arise. People who suffer from overweight and diabetes, restrict consumption of ice cream. This delicacy is very rich in calories and contains high amounts of sugar.

Ice cream is very bad for people suffering from chronic gastritis, coronary heart diseases, for those with elevated cholesterol and allergy. In addition, people who have weakened kidneys should strictly avoid the use of such goodies. The rest of the people are recommended to eat ice cream not more than 1-2 times a week. When buying, pay attention to the expiration date on the storage conditions, because if the ice melted and then it was frozen again, it will affect the quality, taste and shape.

Yet the ice cream remains one of the most favorite delicacies, not only for children but also adults. Alas, not always even the well-known brands make their products from conventional products (milk, sugar, cream). Experts advise to pay attention to the composition of the product, read the label carefully and not to buy suspicious products. Pay attention to the price of ice cream. After all, the cheapness of the product indicates that it is made from vegetable fats, as should necessarily be indicated on the packaging. This cream may not have the name of ice cream. Each year, experts are checking every brand of ice cream and make up the so-called black lists.

Having read this article, you know all the most interesting facts about ice cream. What is your favorite one?

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