How To Make Homemade Ice Cream


To paraphrase a famous saying, we can say this: "Ice cream for all ages", because people of all ages really love it! A huge range allows everyone to enjoy his favorite  taste: clean ice cream or the one with additives, milk and creamy, fruit and chocolate, wafer cups and chocolate, with all sorts of additives, "heaped up" and "stranded" with fantasies of chefs and designers. Well, how can we resist it?

Among other advantages of this summer dessert, there is one great - you can easily make ice cream at home. Even if there is no ice cream maker. According to Wikipedia, there is nothing difficult in making ice creams. In addition, you will get a treat, that you will never find in the store. Exclusive one. At the same time you will enjoy the exciting culinary process, beautiful and creative.

Tips and recipes refer to any homemade ice cream. You can make it in the ice cream maker, and you can make it in the freezer. Principles are common. Foremost, homemade ice cream without ice cream maker requires thorough mixing. Every 20 minutes to 1 hour throughout the freezing cycle, it may include from 3-5 times. If you use the freezer - cool the container before the mixture is laid.

Choose only the best products. Ice cream will be as delicious, as good its ingredients. Buy fresh milk, cream, eggs, fruits and berries. Only high-quality chocolate, flavorings (natural ones are best to use), vanilla. For example, natural vanilla pod will give a flavor of what you get from the vanilla sugar and even with natural vanilla.

If you count calories, you should leave it for later. Because the taste and creamy ice cream structure depends on the fat content. When using low-fat products - instead of soft and smooth - you will get a structure with ice crystals. This means that your homemade ice cream will crisp like the sand on the teeth. Exception is a fruit sorbet, where there is no fat.

Comforting factor for those, who are losing weight is that after you learn how to cook fat and delicious homemade ice cream, you will be able to carry out "low-fat experiments". However, keep in mind that low-fat homemade ice cream (not only domestic) will never be the same delicious as fat. Get over it.

When is it required to add flavorings? Adding flavorings, especially aromatic extracts or alcohol, it is necessary after the mass of ice-cream has cooled, it is best to do it in the end.

If the recipe includes custard, before putting it in the freezer, you should cool it in the refrigerator. You can leave it for the night, this "aging" will lead to a smooth and creamy structure during cooling.

Adding nuts, fresh or dried fruit, chocolate pieces. The best results are obtained if the additives are put into almost frozen ice cream. They should be cold, so keep them in a refrigerator before use. After adding, mix thoroughly.

How to avoid the appearance of ice when storing homemade ice cream? If you want to make a large portion of ice cream, which will be stored in the freezer, the formation of ice crystals is inevitable. This can be avoided by adding alcohol, for example, fruit liqueur into popsicles (or alcohol, if you do not want to flavor the ice cream). However, this cream is not for children. Furthermore, ice is softer when storing it in a shallow container, sealed with plastic wrap.

Following these simple tips, you will be able to cook really tasty homemade ice cream and surprise your family with a delicious dessert.

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