How To Get Rid Of Insomnia


Insomnia in the modern world has become a real epidemic. Many people are leading "office life", suffering from inactivity, saturation of information, stress and fatigue. How to adjust sleep and feel rested in the morning? The insomnia has many forms - some wake up several times a night, while others, for no apparent reason, can not get to sleep until dawn, sleeping fitfully and wake up long before the alarm clock. Almost everyone knows that a third of your life man spends in his sleep. It is ...Continue reading

How To Control Your Emotions


Control of emotions is an integral part in the development of every human being. The path of development itself is impossible without psychological stress, and if a man will not work on strengthening of his psychological state, and does not learn to control his emotions, he can become a "hostage" of his emotions, which can lead to health and detrimental effect on all aspects of life. Let's talk in more detail about why it is so important to learn to control your emotions. First, we should ...Continue reading

Most Unusual Hotels of the World


Wherever we go on a vacation, we pay great importance to the choice of the hotel. For most travelers the hotel is important due to the provided services, comfort, its location, variety of food in restaurants, white sheets and reasonable prices. However, among the whole variety, in different countries there are hotels that are attractions themselves. We offer you a list of the most amazing and unusual hotels in the world. 1. Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA Once in the US state of Idaho, it is ...Continue reading

Useful Properties Of Olive Oil


It is difficult to speak about olive oil without enthusiastic tone. Its fame has come from the ancient Mediterranean. In addition, nutritionists, doctors and beauticians unanimously praise their beneficial properties, recommending to use it for everything, always and everywhere. In addition, all these praises do have reliable base: the use of olive oil is that its composition is rich in many vitamins, antioxidants and biologically active substances. Lets find out all the useful properties of ...Continue reading

All The Truth About Goji Berries: Myths And Reality


Modern society constantly exists under a huge informational voltage. Despite the constant improvement of multiple sources of information, the consciousness of modern man is not less mythologized than our ancestors, bypassing even without electricity, not to mention the Internet. Goji berries are a relatively new product on the domestic market. What is it - a panacea for all ills or a marketing product, the effectiveness of which coincides with the effectiveness of placebo? MYTH 1. Goji ...Continue reading

10 Most Dangerous Foods In The World


Can a dish be so delicious that you were willing to risk your own life to try it? In the world, there are many strange and very tasty dishes that are so dangerous that attempts to try them can cost you your life. These dishes can seriously damage your health or even kill you. In addition, it will not be a slow death that occurs when you eat fatty foods, it leads to blockage of blood vessels. Many of these dishes will kill you as soon as you bite the first piece. Some dishes contain deadly ...Continue reading

The History Of Chocolate


The history of sweets began at least 4000 years ago with the Egyptian desserts described in the extant papyrus. It was found that the candied fruits were sold in markets in 1566 BC. The world found out about chocolate, when the ancient tribes of Mayas and Aztecs discovered the wonderful properties of cocoa. Appearing in the Amazon or Orinoco valley, chocolate has long remained unknown in the Old World. In 600 BC. Mayans migrated into the northern part of South America and set up first cocoa ...Continue reading

Is It Harmful To Drink Coffee?


For many people it is difficult to imagine breakfast and the rest of the day without this energetic drink. Coffee is so various and so beloved: cooked in a Turk, from coffee machines, instant, with milk or cream, spices, syrup or ice cream. It has been discussed a lot about the dangers and benefits of this drink. Among the total amount of information there are a lot of myths. Let’s try to figure out everything together. Below, you will see the benefits and harm of coffee, based on the ...Continue reading

The Tastiest Exotic Fruits Of The World


Only the most timid traveler, being in an exotic country, will refuse to try some unfamiliar fruit. Accustomed to apples and oranges, tourists can hardly force themselves to take a bite of mangosteen, durian or mango. Meanwhile, this gastronomic revelation may become one of the most vivid impressions of the total travel. Below is the top 15 list of the exotic fruits from different countries. 1. Durian. This fruit has an irregular oval shape, with a very sharp spines. Under the skin you can ...Continue reading

Hibiscus Tea. Benefits And Harms


The tea of beautiful ruby ​​color with a pleasant acidity and characteristic aroma, according to Wikipedia, called Hibiscus, have been tasted probably by everyone. Although it is necessary to make a reservation that it is rather a drink, than the tea in the classical sense: after all, for its preparation inflorescence of plants are used instead of leaves, one of which is hibiscus. However, all the brewed substances we usually call “tea”, and therefore Hibiscus is not an ...Continue reading

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