How To Control Your Emotions


Control of emotions is an integral part in the development of every human being. The path of development itself is impossible without psychological stress, and if a man will not work on strengthening of his psychological state, and does not learn to control his emotions, he can become a "hostage" of his emotions, which can lead to health and detrimental effect on all aspects of life.

Let's talk in more detail about why it is so important to learn to control your emotions. First, we should focus on the fact that negative energy, drawn by negative emotions (anger, rage, envy, resentment, etc.), often causes all sorts of physical and mental illnesses. Conversely, positive energy attracts positive emotions, strengthens both the psychological and physical health.

Secondly, people who can not control their emotions, may fall into a state of momentary insanity (affect). A person who is unable to cope with traumatic experiences, while in the heat of passion, can commit rash actions, decisions, which are normally not accepted. Needless to say, that such conditions can cause mental disorders - schizophrenia and split personality.

Third, by his emotional imbalance and uncontrollable behavior, man can destroy interpersonal relationships. Inability to control emotions does not allow a person to properly perform work and family responsibilities.

Modern psychology looks at the problem of emotional control in different ways. Some people consider that you can control your emotions through containment and suppression (there are several different techniques for them), while others believe that to restrain emotions is harmful for health and you should demonstrate them. However, there is another solution allowing to take control over emotions - emotional health.

To control emotions - does not necessarily mean to suppress and restrain them. Optimal control is a prevention. The main rule of the psychological and emotional health is in control of your own life, yourself and your surroundings. This means that in your life and in your environment, everything happens the way it should be, and you can always influence the ongoing processes if you want to. To do this, you must, learn the ten rules of emotional care and strictly follow them.

Terms of emotional health

  1. Pay off all your financial debts as soon as possible, and do things that have long been put off and eliminate the remaining "tails". The less debts you have, the more energy, effort and resources to achieve success in any business you have.

  2. Organize your home and equip the workplace so that it would be nice, convenient and comfortable for you to stay in it. Very often, the usual change of scenery in the room (whether repair or rearrangement of furniture) gives a charge of positive mood for a couple of months.

  3. Strive for the availability of all the required resources, time and space for your work.

  4. Avoid situations in life in which you are exposed to strong feelings. Do not do the things that are emotionally draining you and enters into a state of stress. Do not perform the hated work (when it comes to career and performance of official duties, you should think about the change of job or profession in the event that the negative emotions dominate and poison your life), do not make the actions and deeds that are unpleasant for you, avoid being in a negative environment. Therefore, spend more time in the challenging environment. Pay particular attention to people. Do not communicate with pessimists, whiners, boring, energy vampires, with those with whom you want to howl with anguish, etc. After a long contact with such people, you may feel that life is dull and pointless.

  5. Determine for yourself a list of things that cause you any inconvenience and harm, mental or physical injury. Set your personal rules, boundaries that protect you from these things, and ask those who you are communicating not to violate from these limits. Sooner or later, these rules will be taken by your allies. Those who violate from them will hardly be regarded as such. Also, do not forget about the resistance of the environment. Develop a number of techniques to help to maintain these limits, without resorting to conflict with others and without causing harm to anyone. Be persistent.

  6. In a healthy body the spirit of life feels much more comfortable. At least thirty minutes of sport a day (the more the better). Physical activity helps to produce hormones of pleasure and recycles all stress products.

  7. Periodically ask questions to yourself, make an inventory of your life. Who do you work and communicate with? Do you have a shortage or a lack of time? What do you spend the most of your lifetime at? What are you working on? Does your work bring you satisfaction? Regular awareness of the fact that you are wasting your life, disciplines without any violence.

  8. The ability to wake up and light the positive emotions, will help you to take control over the emotions. This is done by a simple effort of will and through regular training. Practice to evoke different feelings. It would be great to sign up for special training. It is the place where you will be told how to learn to control your emotions and how to realize the switch from one emotion to another.

  9. Define your major goals in life and begin to work on their realization. In terms of emotional control setting goals is a good support. Even if at the moment everything is bad, and you are in a difficult situation, the realization of your plans and objectives allows succeed in them sooner or later.

  10. Expand your surroundings, make your circle of friends more diverse. Such a variety of relationship and love will inspire you and make your map of the world more flexible and adequate.

What do you lose when you can’t control your emotions?

  1. Joy and positive state, when the negative emotions provoke you, seize you and destroy the good state of mind.

  2. Calm and peace in the soul, which are often much more valuable than any other aspects, even than the positive emotions that are not manageable.

  3. Often lose relations, friends and loved ones! When, in a fit of anger or resentment, you destroy the remnants of feelings of love and trust to each other.

  4. The personality, dignity and reputation of adequate and respected man who is able to control himself. The person who can’t control himself is not better than an animal.

  5. The power and control over yourself and your life! Because there is always a great danger to get to these external conditions that contribute to the loss of status, the awakening of uncontrolled negative emotions and inappropriate, improper behavior, with unpredictable and sometimes devastating consequences.

We can list many more items, which deprive a person when he is unable to control himself. It is extremely important to be able to restrict yourself from negative emotions, because they are very powerful. They are occupying all your mind and you can thing about nothing else, but for revenge, angriness. It is important to develop tranquility, which will allow you to treat any situation in your life adequately. The more nervous and emotional you are, the worse your reaction towards some unpleasant events may arise. You should always remember that your health is above all and you should be happy and satisfied with your life, not letting bad emotions influence your mood.

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