Essay On Feminism


Feminism, according to Wikipedia, is a phenomenon that can be seen from at least two sides. Firstly, it is a political movement associated with the struggle of women for equality. This aspect is often associated with classical feminism, particularly the movement of suffragettes, who demanded to give women the right to vote in elections. It seems to us that such problems were in the distant past, but at the beginning of the XX century women did not have electoral rights almost anywhere in the world. As a result of victories of early feminists we happily forgot about it. Second, feminism is an intellectual movement, in fact, a philosophy, which in its content and argumentation is much more diverse than the classic political feminism.

The first wave of feminism can be determined easily.  It is a struggle for political equality of women, and for the opportunity to elect and be elected in the elections. The first feminists appealed to the liberal slogans that people have equal rights regardless of gender. Suffragettes were very powerful movement of public policy in the United Kingdom and the United States: Women united and achieved the desired. In 1920 the United States adopted the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, according to which the sex can not be an impediment to restrictions on participation in political life and, in particular, to participate in the elections. After that, it seemed that feminism was over, because its main purpose was reached, and other problems can be solved by women politicians, who were elected. The second wave of feminism occurs in the 60-ies of XX century, and is already a much more complex phenomenon. Oppression is not limited to the prohibition of women to participate in political life. It turned out that political equality does not rule out depression in the family, oppression in the workplace.

Feminists have criticized the second wave of the notion that the main purpose of a woman is motherhood, understood as a retreat and abandonment of a career, taking care of the house. They have challenged the idea that women should not strive to manifest themselves outside the "Women's World". The fact that a man is supposedly a natural extrovert, while a woman is a natural introvert, and this social division of labor is destined by some natural rules.

The key theme for the feminists of the third wave is the realization that the real question is not confined to the fact that there are women and there are men. The question boils down to an attempt to understand how these gender roles, male and female, are constructed as we become men and women. What makes us to be a man or a woman? Many studies of gender identities are engaged in queer theory.

As far as we can see the history of feminism was not easy, but women managed to achieve their goals, that is why we can see the society the way it is now.

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