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Essay about the holocaust is a very sad topic. To write holocaust essay you have to possess some information. The English word «holocaust» borrowed from Greek Bible (which is used in the Romanized form holocaustum along with holocau (s) toma and holocaustosis). Its meaning can be described as “burnt entirely”.

Some researchers argue that the word "Holocaust", which, according to Wikipedia, means sacrifice, was chosen because the Zionists intended to bring six million Jews to sacrifice for the sake of acquiring Palestinian land. It is believed that the word "holocaust" is related to the events of the Second World War and was the first used in 1960 by Elie Wiesel, who claimed that the Jews were destroyed in large numbers by throwing them alive into furnaces. In a wide circulation the word came after the release of serial television movie "The Holocaust "(1978).

The well-known story about the Holocaust comes down to the fact that the government of the Third Reich allegedly intended to destroy the Jews in Europe, and during the Second World War, as a result of their policy, six million Jews were killed. It is claimed that the only victims of the Holocaust were Jews - the complete destruction of this people was in the so-called program of the "final solution of the Jewish question" and was allegedly an important element in the policy of Adolf Hitler. It is alleged that in this way the 6 million Jews were killed (this number is sacred to the preachers of the Holocaust). Moreover, it is argued that in the deaths of these people not only German people were guilty, but all the other European nations, who were not paying much attention to the destruction of Jews.

Holocaust ideology in its essence can be reduced to the following five principles:

  1. Jews have always suffered, and always innocently.

  2. The climax of their sufferings was reached in the Third Reich in the years 1933-1945., When Hitler decided to destroy all the Jews.

  3. Despite the fact that they were killed mostly by Germans, all the other nations are guilty, because they allowed to kill innocent Jews.

  4. The Germans and other European peoples being directly or indirectly guilty of the extermination of the Jews, are the nations of Christian civilization. Therefore Christianity is guilty of mass destruction of the Jews.

  5. The Jews did not just suffered from Nazism. Their sufferings could be compared with nothing and surpassed anything that can be imagined. Including sufferings of Christ. Consequently, Christianity was denied. True Messiah was not there, and the true Savior of mankind is the Jewish people, which becomes a collective "messiah."

The set of hypotheses, explaining the Holocaust as a result of direct intent and conspiracy on the part of the National Socialists, is a typical conspiracy theory. Nevertheless, the Jews managed to turn the death of its people during the war in victory and to extract benefit from this event. No other nation that suffered in the result of war doesn’t mean to be mentioned in the history.

There is no unified version on holocaust, because every expert or historian brings his own interpretation, interpretation and vision of the events that are not based on material evidence and historiographical sources, but only on conflicting and often incredible testimony of "witnesses of the Holocaust." Assumptions and calculation of "Holocaust experts" who express a wide spectrum of opinions, conjectures and the views, very often are not consistent and are not joined to each other - so the "official" version of the Holocaust is characterized by the spread of estimates and vague. Particular example is the evaluation of the number of dead at Auschwitz. Different "experts" and "witnesses of the Holocaust," claim that it varies from 300 thousand to 9 million.

To sum up, the main traits of holocaust were the following:

  • a deliberate attempt to complete extermination of an entire nation,

  • around six million Jews were killed,

  • Jews were exterminated deliberately and were not victims of war,

  • the purpose of destruction was the genocide of the Jews,

  • the existence of a system for the mass extermination of the Jews,

  • grand, international scale extermination: Jews were persecuted and exterminated throughout German-occupied territory in Europe,

  • the blame for the Holocaust lies on all: the Nazis, Germany, its allies, and the neutral countries at war with Germany, but not on the Jews,

  • Holocaust in size, quality and meaning of suffering inflicted - a unique phenomenon in human history, and any other mass extermination of human beings can not be compared with it: they were not of such magnitude or unintentional, or were not aimed at the extermination of entire ethnic groups.

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