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Essay about team work is a very interesting topic. Reflective essay on teamwork should be written with at least some knowledge of the topic. The friendly and well-working team is a dream of any leader, as the organization of team work occupies a large percentage of its time. However, very often, this does not save the company from the tension, conflicts, and, as a result, reduces the quality of work. The main criterion for the organization of successful teamwork - this is definitely a quality solution of labor problems. The effectiveness of any activity is evaluated according to the following formula: Productivity * quality *overhead * reliability. It is believed that teamwork is more effective than working alone. However, it provokes much more negativity and fear. This phenomenon is not associated with disadvantages of team work as such, but with the inability to organize it. Therefore, in this article we have tried to collect the most interesting and important information, disclosing the principles of successful teamwork.

Organization of effective teamwork begins with the organization of a good team. However, not every group of people, working together, can be called a team. Team is a small number of people with complementary skills, connected by a single concept, striving for common goals and share responsibility for achieving them.

In team work, interests of each member are secondary. Each team member should have a high professional level, to be able to make decisions and communicate effectively with others. Team members are dependent on each other, more precisely, operation of one person depends on the operation of another. Therefore, as a team, it should always have the equality and constant exchange of information. Team members share responsibility for achieving the goal together. There is such a phenomenon as the command accountability – these are certain promises that generate trust and ensure the achievement of results.

To a great disappointment of HR managers, it is impossible to assemble a good team instantly. For it to happen, the group of people working together, should go through a range of important steps. Here is how the team work organization is going on:

Adaptation is a mutual information and analysis of tasks. People carefully communicate with each other, forming pairs and triplets. They seem to be checking each other and work out a mutually acceptable rules and principles of behavior, resulting in a certain wariness in the team. The effectiveness of team work at this stage is low.

Grouping- the process of formation of small sub-groups according to likes and interests. Mismatches are identified by personal motivation and team work purposes. Team members can counteract to the requirements of the problem - thus defining permissible level of emotional expression. For example, the secretary throws a paper and looks at the way they will react.

Cooperation is the process when team members are aware of their desire to work on the solution of the problem. This is an open and constructive dialogue in which for the first time appears the pronoun "we."

Standardization activities presupposes developing norms and principles on interaction in the team. Appears a feeling of trust, interpersonal communication is at the highest level.

Functioning is a decision-making stage for a constructive solution of problems. Everyone has a role to play there. Team openly exhibits and resolves conflicts. Now we can talk about a true team, having the same goals for all members of the team. It can be characterized by working together to achieve these objectives, the availability of good and adequate organizational structure, a good psychological climate. Organization of effective teamwork at this stage can be considered successfully completed.

We can speak about some signs of a good team organization. Participants consider themselves to be part of a workgroup in it. There is a balance between effective team work and collaboration. Members of the group feel competent, perform tasks on their own and are responsible for their implementation. There is a continuous debate between them , which helps to improve cooperation and increase teamwork efficiency. Everyone is free to offer their ideas and criticize others.

The team members are aware of each other's tasks and have an idea of the talents and abilities of each other, which signifies the interest and respect for each other. In the air, there is an atmosphere of open and constructive communication, all goes to an open dialogue. Information is being constantly, quickly and purposefully passed to each other. There is a place for openness to the outside world and the organization of constructive cooperation with other teams.

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