All The Truth About Goji Berries: Myths And Reality


Modern society constantly exists under a huge informational voltage. Despite the constant improvement of multiple sources of information, the consciousness of modern man is not less mythologized than our ancestors, bypassing even without electricity, not to mention the Internet. Goji berries are a relatively new product on the domestic market. What is it - a panacea for all ills or a marketing product, the effectiveness of which coincides with the effectiveness of placebo?

MYTH 1. Goji Berries - a great tool for weight loss.

It is that property of goji berries that is used by marketers to implement this product. However, whether the dried berries are healing well or is it really just an advertising? In fact, botanists say that in this matter, goji berries have undergone serious mythologizing. In fact, the composition of goji berries allows to slightly adjust metabolism, and to that extent - affect weight loss. In addition, of course, the effect may be influenced by the belief in the effectiveness of this berry.

The most effective way to lose weight with goji berries is to connect their consumption with a smart diet and enough exercise. In this case, the effectiveness will be significantly higher (however, without goji berries will also be a good result).

MYTH 2. Goji berries, along with ginseng, are the most valuable in Chinese medicine

The only object of mythologizing in this paragraph can be considered the definition of "the most valuable." Chinese medicine, as well as the whole philosophy of the East, eliminates this kind of determination. All because of the wisdom of the healer, which lies in the proper application of each plant or mineral. Goji Berries in dried form are widely used for the treatment of dizziness, pain in the abdomen and in the lower abdomen. In addition, goji berries (like barberry in folk medicine for the middle band) is considered an effective means of bracing. As such, they are used as a basis for the preparation of an alcoholic beverages resembling our tincture.

MYTH 3. The goji berries are a pledge of longevity

Advertising claims that the goji berries contain a large number of antioxidants, so this can be considered as an elixir of longevity. Moreover, this is partly true. However, only until we compare the amount of antioxidants in berries - and, for example, in a apples. So, the content of nutrients in apples is thirteen times higher than the content of those in goji berries. The same applies to calcium, zinc, iron and phosphorus - all these substances are present in the berries, but in small quantities. In addition, one more myth concerns the treatment of cancer by godji berries. However, this myth was debunked in 2007 at the clinical level.

MYTH 5. Goji Berries prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Age-related changes associated with loss of mental and physical abilities of the person called Alzheimer's disease, are at the center of attention of doctors all over the world. Attempts to prevent Alzheimer's disease by using goji berries is a myth, while the opposite is not confirmed by clinical studies.

In the United States it was carried out only primary laboratory tests, which did not confirm some pretentious advertising claims. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of goji berries in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease are included in these claims.

At the same time, goji berries, like most plant materials at constant reception can improve metabolism, which improves the quality of blood and blood vessels state, as well as the burning of fat in the liver. However, to achieve the real effect of the use of goji berries, they should occupy only small amount of complex therapy, based on the correct mode of the daily nutrition, balanced diet with adequate (but not excessive) amount of vitamins and minerals, and most importantly - with the patient's physical activity.

Goji Berries are a plant product, the principal advantage of which at this stage can be considered its areolas of growing, as it is close to Tibet, surrounded by legends and myths. Similar plants - Lycium Barbarum, barberries and several others - are growing very close to us, however, seem to be less attractive because of being too ordinary.

How to take goji berries correctly:

You should know how to take goji berries, because they have contraindications and side effects. The berries are used for prevention, health promotion and treatment for complex diseases. Considering the age and weight, the maximum dose is 15-40 grams of berries per day. The most optimal and easy way to use goji berries is to put them in hot water and infuse for 30 minutes. Chilled infusion drink should be taken in small portions before the meal. Steaming berries can also be eaten.

The juice of goji berries is a rich source of vitamins, but the content of useful substances is not particularly different from the dried fruit, but much greater in the cost. Moreover, the juice may contain harmful preservatives. Therefore, it is wiser to consume dry fruits.

Are there any analogues of goji berries? In fact, many berries and fruits have the same content of bioactive compounds (antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, etc.) as the Chinese berry.

A fresh fruit juice is an effective alternative to the use of these berries.

Here are a few types:

  • sea ​​buckthorn,
  • cranberry,
  • blueberries, cranberries,
  • black currant,
  • garnet,
  • kiwi.

Calorie content of goji berries is 253 kcal / 100.0 dry product.

The use of goji berries for weight loss

What are the properties and use of these berries for weight loss?

Unfortunately, there was no direct evidence of their effectiveness for weight loss. Nevertheless, due to the fact that these fruits contain a rich set of nutrients and increase sugar metabolism in the body, slimming use of goji berries can be justified as part of a package of measures to reduce weight.

Considering the rich content of vitamins and amino acids, the fruit is useful to include in the diet. A low-calorie diet with goji berries will provide the body with valuable nutrients.

In order to reduce the weight, these dried fruits are consumed several pieces before eating. 7-8 fruits a day are enough. Adding berries in various dishes and drinks increases their nutritional value and enriches the flavor. Recipes with goji berries are numerous and varied.

Goji berries Contraindications

Contraindications to consumption of goji berries are mostly limited to individual intolerance in the form of allergy. It is not recommended to use fresh berries, as they can cause diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

All the side effects of goji berries are provoked, above all, due to the violation of the dosage. Eating berries in large quantities is dangerous in the following situations:

  • When taking anticoagulants there is the risk of bleeding
  • Berries may enhance glucose-lowering effect of ant diabetic agents and cause hypoglycemia.
  • Goji berries are not recommended during pregnancy (stimulates the uterus) and lactation.
  • The polysaccharides contained in the fruit, can enhance the effect of radiation in radiotherapy.
  • Eating fruits in the recommended dosages eliminates the possibility of side effects provoked by their consumption.

As you see, we have disclosed all the myths connected with the consumption of godji berried. Now you know all the truth and it is up to you to decide, whether to include these fruits in your daily ratio or no.

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