Most Unusual Hotels of the World


Wherever we go on a vacation, we pay great importance to the choice of the hotel. For most travelers the hotel is important due to the provided services, comfort, its location, variety of food in restaurants, white sheets and reasonable prices. However, among the whole variety, in different countries there are hotels that are attractions themselves. We offer you a list of the most amazing and unusual hotels in the world.

1. Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA

Once in the US state of Idaho, it is simply impossible to pass by this miracle of drywall and plywood. This two-store hotel in the form of a dog was designed for four vacationers. Happy residents are not confused by the fact that the entrance to the "Hotel-Dog" is in a place, where the sun's rays do not reach. So, in the "head" there is a loft, spacious and comfortable bed is located in the "belly" and nook is close to "muzzle".

Having observed this unusual structure enough, it is possible to get to know its author, self-taught artist Denis Sullivan. He makes his creations using a normal saw. In the studio, Dennis has a huge collection of his works, the bulk of which make up the dogs, in addition to which you can meet fish, cats, bears. The park at the hotel is full of fun things. For example, there is a cinema, in which you can watch a movie through the windows of your car.

2. The Ice Hotel, Yukkasyarvi, Sweden

The construction of the hotel “The Ice Hotel” in Sweden begins each year in mid-November. At that time tons of ice and snow are being mined from the river Torne for build. The hotel has a reception desk, a church, a bar and lounge. Total capacity is 100 people. All the hotel stuff are made out of ice, and the design of the room stock changes every year. To rent a room in this unusual hotel you can from December to April, after which all the parts are brought back into the river to be melted. When daytime air temperatures are around 15 degrees, inside the hotel is also quite cold and the temperature is about -5 degrees. Travelers will not be bored here, as race in dog sledding, snowmobiling and moose safaris are being offered for their entertainment.

Despite the cold material from which the hotel is made, its restaurant always has fairly warm conditions. Numerous visitors have a chance to sample fresh fish dishes, served on ice plates. In any case, if you decide to visit The Ice Hotel or a restaurant, it is worth to dress warmly.

3. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Each tourist country, in attempts to attract tourists, looks for new ways and methods. Therefore, the government of Fiji has decided to surprise seasoned travelers with opening of underwater hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort 5 *, located on the ocean floor. 48 new bungalows are spread over the land and 24 rooms are under the water. Underwater Room is a capsule with a total area of ​​50 m2 and a luxury suite of 300 m2 - are located at a depth of 15 meters. The underwater part of the hotel is equipped with a submarine in the former station, which was built in 1962. Rooms in Poseidon Undersea Resort 5 * are trimmed with leather and marble, while part of the walls are transparent. If desired, the capsule can be raised to the water surface.

4. Whitepod, Les Cerniers, Switzerland

Whitepod Hotel is a high-tech and unique ecological camp, located at an altitude of about one thousand seven hundred meters above sea level. The small group of tourists (up to 10 people) have the opportunity to spend a comfortable, but at the same time a unique holiday. The purpose of this hotel was to provide physically and mentally tired tourists with peace, quiet and beauty. Local chef – cooks traditional dishes for hotel guests. If desired, under the guidance of an experienced guide, you can take a ski expedition. There are no cars or buses, as getting here is possible only on skis or snowshoes. Also, there are no hotel nearby. There is nothing here, except for the breathtaking landscapes and the Alps. It is in this camp you can get a long-awaited silence.

5. Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

Each of us probably wanted to find himself on the pages of his favorite book. Fans of Tolkien's creativity can fulfill their dreams, going on vacation to Chile Hotel Magic Mountain Lodge, looking so unusual and fabulous, as if it was taken from "The Lord of the Rings." Book. In Patagonia there are many protected places where nature is preserved almost virgin. This hotel looks like a huge mountain with many caves, intended for people to live in. In addition, although inside there are not caves, but quite comfortable rooms, external building looks very unusual. To get inside the hotel you can only via a suspension bridge.

6. Capsule Inn Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

For more than three years in the Japanese city of Tokyo operates rather an unusual hotel Capsule Inn Akihabara. The main feature of this capsule-hotel is the minimal size of the rooms and the lack of a large area of ​​the hotel. The hotel consists of 2 parts - a common space where you can bathe, or to discuss any questions and specific area for each guest - it is the very room - the capsule. Each capsule is made of fiber reinforced plastic and has everything necessary for normal holiday - alarm clock, TV, radio, wireless internet access, lighting and a comfortable bed. The area of ​​each room is less than 2 m2. However, this hotel has a few drawbacks. For example, it will not work for those who are suffering from claustrophobia, lovers and couples who are accustomed to sleep together. It also doesn’t suit to  parents who stay with their children, if the children are not used to sleep in a separate room. However, the room in the capsule is not very small, and you can even sit there. Since the Capsule Inn Akihabara is located in the heart of Tokyo - it is one of the best economy - options. Apart from the fact that it is always clean, you can enter and leave it any time you like.

7. Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin, Germany

This small hotel – fantasy is located a in Berlin. All guest rooms are themed. For example, those who spend a lot of time in front of the mirror will certainly enjoy the mirror number, which is called - "Room for Narcissus". Thuis room has a lot of corners and fully decorated with mirrors. Being in this room, you may receive the impression that you had fallen into a kaleidoscope. The hotel designer, Lars Stroshen believes that the interior rooms can change the minds of its inhabitants. In another, quite popular room Upside Down, you can feel that the world is turned upside down, because the chandelier is hanging on the floor, and the bed is on the ceiling. In The Flying Bed room, the floor has a certain slope, through which grandmother's bed "flies", and although the chair and table are standing straight, the cabinet comes out of the wall. There are also some room with cages, where you can sleep. In another room the beds are being divided by the lam in the form of a guillotine. Moreover, the sound system, add sound effects and music, which will help you to feel the atmosphere of the room selected even better. Guests receive instructions on using the rooms at the entrance to the hotel.

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