Useful Properties Of Olive Oil


It is difficult to speak about olive oil without enthusiastic tone. Its fame has come from the ancient Mediterranean. In addition, nutritionists, doctors and beauticians unanimously praise their beneficial properties, recommending to use it for everything, always and everywhere. In addition, all these praises do have reliable base: the use of olive oil is that its composition is rich in many vitamins, antioxidants and biologically active substances. Lets find out all the useful properties of olive oil.

1. Cleanses the blood.

First of all, cleansing from cholesterol, and the substances of which it is formed. This oil is required to some fatty acids and vitamins. As a result, this olive oil is recommended to replace any other oils and fats in the diet. Especially – animal ones.

In addition, for those suffering from atherosclerosis and diseases of the blood vessels, these useful properties are even more relevant. The consumption of olive oil for them would mean lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood and relief of symptoms.

2. Improves digestion.

It causes generally very gentle effect on the stomach and intestines. This product is more abundant and promotes the flow of bile into the duodenum. The use of olive oil lies in the fact that together with it, many other useful components contained in food are being easily digested.

3. It is quite high in calories.

There is no longer possible to say that this is only an advantage. For those who are struggling with extra weight, such olive oil, so high in calories, - more than 900 kcal / 100 grams - can seem simply monstrous.

Indeed, if it is necessary to lose weigh or to keep it within certain limits, the consumption of olive oil is recommended to be limited to one to two teaspoons a day. On the contrary, when heavy physical labor and active sports, this oil can be very useful: it will be an excellent source of easily digestible energy.

4. Reliable protection from cancer.

The composition of olive oil, as the composition of the olives, contains large amounts of natural antioxidants, which are known as cancer protectors. Especially clearly, the healing properties of olive oil have been demonstrated in some serious medical research, the results of which showed that its regular use reduces the likelihood of breast cancer in two times. However, because of the falling of antioxidants in all organs and tissues of the body, this effect will manifest itself in the same way in relation to other parts of the body.

5. Supports the joints.

The beneficial properties of olive oil allow us to recommend this product for consumption. It accelerates the processes of bone formation and normalizes their growth. It is strongly recommended to consume olive oil not only to the elderly people, suffering from various diseases, but also for children.

6. It improves brain function.

At the same time it clears the mind and restores the memory and helps to get rid of depression. Are there too many medicinal properties of olive oil? Not at all.

It turns out that the olive oil contains special substance, contributing to neutralize and eliminate toxins from the tissues and cells of the brain. In addition, the more oil we consume, the less debris remains in the head. As a consequence - the brain starts to work faster and more efficiently. This effect is, by the way, based on the use of olive oil as a cure for a hangover and headache. One or two teaspoons can almost completely eliminate pain and improve overall body tone. A regular consumption of olive oil and replacing other types of vegetable oils in the diet with it, will reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Although to get as much benefit from it as possible, you need to start doing it as soon as possible.

7. It normalizes blood pressure.

Yes! Potassium, which is a part of the olive oil is one of the key regulators of the heart muscle. The speed, the amplitude and the rhythm of the heart depend on it significantly. Consequently it will predetermine the volume and the amount of blood which comes through the blood vessels. In such a way, olive oil contributes to strengthening and improving the elasticity of blood vessel walls.

8. Reliable guarantor of beauty and good condition of all external integument.

The benefits will be both from the inside intake, and from the outside application on skin. Cosmetic properties of olive oil are expressed in the fact that when included in the diet, it promotes skin rejuvenation and hair condition improvement, due to the presence of large amounts of tocopherols and micro- and macronutrients in the composition.

With a variety of irritations and allergic rashes on the skin, this useful product will soothe it and reduce soreness. In addition, olive oil, which possess invaluable benefits for the skin, is used to treat wounds and ulcers, because in this way, you can greatly improve the protection of damaged areas from bacteria and viruses.

On the whole, the beneficial properties of olive oil in cosmetics are applied very widely: its regular use for the treatment of facial skin and hair helps to reduce the amount of dandruff, acne and wrinkles, as well as to stimulate the growth and regeneration of damaged areas.

Now we understand why olive oil was so beloved in the ancient Greek epic. In that time people didn’t know that much about its magnificent properties, as we do now, but the effect of the use have already been noticed. In addition, caloric content of olive oil, in those days of constant work and wars, was only an advantage. And today, with indiscriminate deterioration of food quality and health, this is the product that can be the key to health, instead of numerous pills and medications. Maybe we should go back a little, and touch all-powerful secrets of ancient Greek gods and goddesses beauties, foremost of which were the healing properties of olive oil? We recommend buying organic natural oil on trusted websites or in stores. This product does not contain GMO and it is safe for health and is ideal for cooking.

To see the benefits of olive oil, you need to choose the right product. How to do it? Take a look at a set of rules that will help you to make the right choice.

  1. On the packaging you can often find one of the three inscriptions - virgin (natural), refined (purified) or pomace (pomace). Buy the first option.
  2. When the oil label says a word “mix”, it means that it was produced by mixing different varieties of oil, which has a negative effect on its properties. 
  3. The beneficial properties of olive oil are stored for five months only, so you need to pay special attention to the date of manufacture of the product.
  4. The lower the acidity of the oil, the more mild flavor it has. In the most high-quality varieties of olive oil, the figure is only 0.8%. 
  5. The best olive oil is produced and bottled in the same region. You can learn the origin of the product following the designations from IGP or DOP. IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) means that the spin of olives were produced in one country, such as Greece or Spain, and packaged already outside of these regions. Abbreviation DOP (Denominazione d 'Origine Protetta) indicates that the was oil produced and packaged within the same country. 
  6. Do not try to determine the quality of oil by its color, this property is influenced by factors such as the variety of olives, their degree of maturity and harvest time.

We have no more doubts in the usability of olive oil. It is useful not only for cooking, but also for skin and beauty care.

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