The Most Popular Desserts Of The World


Do you like desserts? We just love them. Moreover, we especially love the desserts, which are associated with some kind of amazing story. So, today we have prepared for you the collection of the most famous deserts in the world.

1. In translation from the French "crème brûlée" means "burnt cream." Classic crème brulee is a creamy custard cream with caramel crust. In Spain, there is a very similar dessert, which is called “the Catalan cream” or “cream of St. Joseph”, but it is being prepared not on the basis of cream, but on milk.

Crème brulee is a traditional French dessert, but in fact, it is not known exactly where it was invented. In France people are confident that the dessert was invented by chef François Duke of Orleans Messelyano, as he published the crème brulee recipe in his cookbook, in 1691. The British believe that the birthplace of this delicacy is their country, and the first time it was cooked in one of the colleges of Cambridge University.

2. One of the most famous desserts of Italian cuisine is beaten egg sauce, which contained wine and sugar. In a broader sense, any foam with alcohol is called sabayon dessert. This dessert is very popular not only in Italy but also in Latin America.

This recipe was also invented by a chance. In the XVI century, in Catalan monastery.

Popular healthy desserts

3. Cheesecake is a typical dessert of American cuisine, which consists of crushed biscuit and whipped cream cheese. This classic cheesecake was born in 1929, when Arnold Reuben, the owner of the famous New York restaurant "The Turf", invented the recipe of the cheesecake on the basis of cheese "Philadelphia". Now, there are many options for cooking this dish. In most cases, the cheesecake is baked in the oven, but there are also some recipes, which presuppose cold preparations. However, the classic of the genre is considered to be a cheesecake called "New York", exactly the same that was served in the restaurant "The Turf”.

4. Almond cookie. This cookie originally comes from China, but now it can be found all over the world. Each of us often goes to a Chinese restaurant just to buy a box of favorite cookies. Sometimes these cookies are served as a compliment after a hearty meal.

5. Pudding. This English dessert is not typical for English cuisine. It is not surprising that some English people are even willing to skip the main course only in order to quickly proceed with this warm delicious dessert, generously covered with strawberry sauce. Pudding and berry jams are inseparable, as if they were created for each other.

6. The invention of churros belongs to Spain. Today they can be found in almost all corners of the world, including Korean cinemas and American baseball games. Churros are sticks of soft dough, very similar in shape to the star and made from wheat flour and other special ingredients. The best time to enjoy them are cold winter evenings, when cinnamon taste of warm buns is particularly pleasing.

7. Sopapiyyas (USA). The name of this dessert is most likely to derive from the Spanish word «sopaipa», which can be translated as "sweet fried dough." It is a prominent representative of a whole family of desserts of fried buns, dipped in oil - which is very common in a number of countries in Latin America. Sopapiyyas first appeared in New Mexico as much as 200 years ago. They can be eaten separately, dipped in honey, that reveals the taste in an entirely new way. In addition, to give a special flavor, you can sprinkle sopadiyyas with cinnamon.

8. Fruit salad. There is nothing healthier than fruit salad, and what could be better than a dessert, which is even more useful than the main course? In Africa, there is some kind of a clear structure for this salad, but most often, it includes watermelon, without which none of fruit salad will be considered complete.

9.  Pavlova cake. This dessert is extremely loved in Australia, New Zealand and England. This cake can not be bought in a shop on the corner or the nearest café, as it is served only in posh restaurants and the most advanced stores. In addition, this dessert is not high in calories, so that even dieting ladies can enjoy it. It is made from egg whites and sugar, meringues shell has to be crispy. Top cake wrapped up in the whipped cream, and the inside has the texture of marshmallow. It is always served with fruits - strawberries, kiwis, raspberries and peaches.

There is quite a lot of different recipes online and you can find the most suitable for you or invent your own dessert. We will not help you with cooking, but in case if you need our help in writing essays, we will gladly do it for you. All you need is to place an order on our site.

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