Secrets Of Making Delicious Pizza


If you conduct a survey among fans of delicious food, on what kind of dish is considered to be one of the most famous, popular and widespread throughout the world, perhaps the majority of them will tell you that this dish is pizza.

This food managed to do an impossible thing. It managed to settle down in all the countries of the world, breaking the wealth of cultural and language barriers and vast distances. In order for the pizza to correspond to its name, it is necessary to comply with clear proportions and rules when cooking it. Even despite the facts that many people may think that it is extremely easy to cook it, you will have to put a lot of efforts to make it really good.

In fact, if we talk about the process of cooking the pizza as a whole, the technology in the few centuries has not changed much. Although, to tell the truth, changes were made in most cases with devices, by means of which the pizza itself is being cooked. In this case, we say that the ovens in which pizza was previously prepared, have became more modern - electric and gas. Other aspects of cooking didn’t change at all. The dough should be prepared by hand, and the whole recipe remains the same. If you want to cook authentic Italian pizza, then keep in mind that there is no place for fuss, haste and careless. The entire cooking process should be consistent, clear and unhurried.

You probably know that the pizza must be cooked in such a way, so you can fold it in half and still have not cracked the dough and do not burst, that is, the pizza must be elastic. In fact, in order to get the pizza, which is really an ideal folded in half, a special oven should be used. These are special wooden stoves, which allow to bake pizza at very high temperatures, and to do it in a very short time. So, in order to obtain a truly fragrant, soft and air pizza, you should bake it in a oven for sixty - ninety seconds, and the temperature should be four hundred eighty-five degrees.

Apart from that, the process of making pizza is also important. Thus, for the preparation of pizzas you need wheat flour, which can be accompanied by other solid flour, but in any event, the milling must necessarily be small. It is also important to be able to roll out the dough without using a rolling pin, with your hands only. Have you ever seen the way professional pizza-makers are performing this process? They are able to roll out the cake in the air, holding it only on one finger, and the thickness of the cake will not be more than three millimeters.

If you cook a pizza on a thin flat shortcake, it is best to use dry stuffing. And it needs to be spread in a not very thick layer, thus the shortcake does not get wet and the filling good be baked thoroughly. As a filling you can use fish, dried vegetables, poultry, meat, or dried fruit for a sweet dessert pizza. Accordingly, if you cook a pizza on a thick flat shortcake, you can safely prepare raw stuffing and put it in a thicker layer. Vegetables and meat may serve as main ingredients here.

The variant of combination of toppings for pizza is also possible, if you use raw foods and dry. In this case, it is best to place the crude products in the upper layer and cover it with the cheese layer. The fact is that when cheese is melted, it forms a kind of cover for these products, therefore, under such cover excess moisture will evaporate much faster.

All the people love pizza, but there are some individuals who are restricted from the consumption of fatty products. In this case, pizza can be cooked on the steam and will have the same taste as the pizza baked in the oven. However, there are still some nuances here. To cook such pizza on steam, you will have to make a yeast dough, and knead it on the eggs.
As you see, pizza is an extremely popular dish all over the world, and considering some tips, you can make really professional pizza by yourself. Just consider the information above an you will be really surprised with the result!

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