26 Tips How To Become Morning Person


You will be surprised, but quite a lot of people are really productive in the morning. They are cheerful and active, and ready to cope with all the tasks they have for the day. But what if you wake up tired and your only desire is to sleep a bit and a bit more? If it is difficult for you to wake up early and be vigorous, then this articles is for you, as we know some ways to make you a happy morning person.

  1. Take your clock with alarm away from you bed. You are right! Take it away, in order when it produces the signal, you would have to get up and turn it off.

  2. The signal of the alarm should not be stressful. It shouldn’t produce terrible and irritating noise. Try to set up a pleasant melody on your alarm.

  3. In order to wake up active, you should have enough hours of sleep during the night. Try to go to bed early in the evening, especially if you know that you will have to get up early in the morning.

  4. Open you curtains to let the daylight in.

  5. Make a cup of coffee or tea and try to think about the things you need to do during the day. It will help you to concentrate.

  6. Take a cold shower. It is an easy and nice method to wake yourself up and cheer up a bit.

  7. Eat your favorite breakfast. It is also advisable for you to cook it by yourself! Enjoy this process.

  8. Turn on your favorite music and do morning exercises.

  9. Make a to do list. It will help you to focus on the things you need to do this day.

  10.  Think about something pleasant.

  11. Drink a cup of water with lemon to get a burst of energy.

  12. Sleep in the full darkness. In such a way your sleep will be of higher quality.

  13. Turn off your phone before you go to bed.

  14. Open the window to breathe fresh air at night.

  15. Read a book before falling asleep. It will relax you.

  16. Find positive sides in waking up early. It will motivate you.

  17.  Every evening you have to set up a reason to get up early.

  18. Do not postpone your wakening up. You will only make yourself angry and nervous by the fact, that you have to get up from your warm and cozy bed.

  19. Choose a warm blanket. It will make you comfortable.

  20. When waken up, try to fill in your room with as much light as it is possible.

  21. Buy good mattress to feel yourself more comfortable during your sleep.

  22. Do not think about negative aspects that may occur during the day.

  23. Watch your favorite TV show while having your breakfast.

  24. Eat something sweet and tasty, in order to improve your mood and fill your body with energy.

  25. Wash up, singing your favorite song. Make yourself laugh!

  26.  Be positive and smile, even if you do not feel yourself happy. It will improve your mood!

You may find some of these tips funny, but they really work! You can easily check this out by means of using at least some of them! Become morning person simply following our easy and useful tips. In a few days you will be astonished with the result!

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