Boutique Hotels: History And Popularity


Boutique hotel, according to Wikipedia, is the type of hotels that can be called as an embodiment of modern ideas and design. The taste, luxury and exclusivity - these are the main components of the success of a boutique hotel. Of course, another important factor is the location of the hotel. However, as practice shows, not the location decorates the hotel, but on the contrary, the boutique hotel decorates the location it is situated in. Boutique hotel is usually a small hotel, the number of rooms in which seldom exceeds a hundred. Average number of rooms varies from 20 to 30.

The word "boutique" determines the level of comfort and uniqueness of the hotel service. Boutique hotel is primarily well-known for the unique interior design. It shouldn’t necessarily be fashionable, but it should be stylish. The design of the boutique hotel often goes in frames of a given theme: whether it is English aristocratic gloss of the end of 19-th century, or super modern minimalism. Hotel interiors for boutique hotels are being developed by the leading representatives of global art design: from Philippe Starck to Christian Lacroix.

Boutique hotels are usually located in places, which originally were not meant for tourists. Usually, boutique hotels are situated in the region, from which it is convenient and easy to get to the historic part of the city, where you can find theatres, museums and other cultural monuments. Today, boutique hotels are being opened on the territory of former factories and plants, as well as in the abandoned estates, in castles and even in aircraft hangars. When creating the hotel, the designers often try to keep the atmosphere of the former building and make it so, thus the guest could fell himself special. The guest of the boutique hotel can find himself as a character of a fairy tale, adventure novel, detective or even a love story. Everything depends on the skills of the designer, as well as on the imagination of the guest. We can say that modern boutique hotels serve as a kind of Disneyland for adults, wealthy ones, as a rule.

Room charge in a boutique hotel is often quite high due to its uniqueness. As a rule, each room of the boutique hotel is unique and each has its own price. Today, the lower level of the price for a room in a boutique hotel is about 200 euros per night. Similar price level is actual for urban boutique hotels in Europe, particularly in Paris, Barcelona, ​​Florence, Moscow, Istanbul and Rome, as well as for hotels in New York, Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

Another quality that distinguishes boutique hotels among the variety of others, is the specific services that they offer. As well as in the case with rooms, services, offered by the different boutique hotels are exceptional. Thus, Benjamin boutique hotel in New York takes care of the pets of their guests. Boutique Hotel Manor at Ngorongoro, at the foot of the volcano Ngorongoro in Tanzania, offers their customers an exciting excursion to the parking lot of the Maasai tribe. Helicopter as a shuttle to the hotel, Jacuzzi with champagne - these are the services, which have become much classic in the world of the VIP-tourism and boutique hotels.

As we can see, the very definition of "boutique" requires a higher class of service and individual approach to guests. It is the exclusive in everything, starting from architecture and interior layout of the building, to the impeccable service. So, in case if you would like to try something new and to have nice experience in luxurious life, you should definitely attend one of the boutique hotels in the world, depending on the route you are travelling.

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