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So, you have been looking for an interesting ideas, because you do not know what to start your essay on Christopher Columbus with. Now you are here and it means that you do not have to surf the net in search of the information any longer. Here you will read everything that you need and we hope that this information will help you to compose really great essay!

So, Christopher Columbus was born in Italy, in the year of 1451 and now he is considered to be one of the most outstanding explorers in the world, who discovered America. His achievements appeared to be really significant for the History and Geography. Christopher Columbus is considered to be the most famous navigator in the world.

“Christopher Columbus hero or villain essay” – that is the sentence I found in the internet and got interested in. I checked a lot of different sites and articles and found out that nowadays there are many debates: whether he was a real hero, or a villain. According to some scientific articles, Columbus was described as rather cruel man, who could easily kill the Indians or enslave them. He had a strong will and very savage character.

Despite the such a significant fact, that he discovered America, a lot of people suffered and died because of his cruel actions. In fact, he was eager to find India, while the disseverment of America happened to be accidental.

Christopher Columbus was involved in genocide. It happened when he took Native Americans from America and made them his slaves. Also, he is known to be a liar, as he lied to the Queen as for the island he found and explored. He also lied that he explored Asia, which can make one think that he was constantly lying and was doing it on purpose.

 Deculturalization is another his sin, considered by scholars. It is considered to be so, because Columbus was trying to make Native Americans just like Europeans. It should be noted that it was done by force.

Well, all these factors are very significant and proofs are strong, but he still managed to make a huge contribution into the development of History and Geography.

However, people have different thoughts and impressions and it is necessary to study a lot of literature and to read the biography of Christopher Columbus, in order to make any conclusion and decide: whether he is a villain, or he is a national hero. What do you think about that?

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