College vs High School essay


In case if you need to write High School vs College essay, we have some good ideas on this topic. College is another stage of your life and it is one level higher than High School. The tasksare different and the level of responsibilityis alsodifferent from that which was in the school.

When studying in High School, you should already have an idea of what you are going to do next. In most cases, pupils of High School already know what college or University they are going to apply for. Mainly, they are getting prepared for the exams, and making sure that they made the right choice.

However, not all the future students have an idea of what real college life is. It is not just the time of parties, fun and other activities. It is also an important time for studying.

So, High School students got used to the fact that they can skip some classes or home tasks, telling that they forgot them at home, or didn’t understand the task. In college such excuses will not be effective. Actually, professors in college do not really care whether you were in the class or not. Your absence will influence your grade poorly and you can fail the whole class. In order to avoid such situation it is strongly recommended to attend all the lectures and practical classes. That will help you to earn extra points and professor will see that you are interested in studying. Moreover, it will be easier for you to complete all the test successfully, if you attended all the classes. In high school you often can repass any test if you failed it, or to extend the deadline, if you missed it. In college everything is just the other way round. That is because you are an adult already and you should be responsible for your actions and their consequences.

Most students consider college studies to be much better and much more interesting. That is because the subjects become more and more specific and they are tightly connected with the profession you chose, while at school you studied all the subjects at once.

The privilege of studying in college is that you can choose the schedule, which is the most suitable for you. You have more freedom, as well as more responsibilities. Even despite the fact that you will have to involve a lot of time and efforts to studying, you will have a lot of opportunities to have fun with your friends, go camping together and do a lot of other stuff.

College life is fascinating and challenging at the same time. Students have to be attentive and responsible, as it will help them to be successful in college studies and in further life. It is very important to distribute the time carefully, in order to be on time with deadlines and assignments. It is also very important to have some time for yourself, to enjoy your years of youth and to be happy and healthy.

Do not be afraid of changes! They are always for better!

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