Descriptive Essay On A Person


Descriptive essay on a person is a very interesting and challenging topic. First of all, let’s find out what descriptive essays is. It is a paper, which contains the description of a certain person, phenomenon or event, based on the number of criteria.

To write good descriptive essay, it is recommended to make a small plan of the aspects you are going to speak about in your essay. Such plan will also help to make your essay coherent, and avoid gaps or flashbacks, which may confuse the reader and spoil the whole impression from your essay. When writing a descriptive essay, you act like a painter, who paints the image about the things he describing in the head of the reader. By means of words, you can either paint a vivid image of the thing, event or person you are describing, or spoil the whole painting. To make your descriptive essays more detailed, it is recommended to make a strong thesis statement, which is going to reflect the importance of your description. It will also explain to the reader the reason, why you decided to choose this or that object for description. Make a rough draft of your descriptive essay. After that you should reread it, delete or add some text and then you will have a perfect final copy of the essay.

However, when writing descriptive essay on a person, you should be even more accurate. Following the steps below, you will have an opportunity to make perfect descriptive essay on a person.

  1. First of all, you should choose a person you know very well. Of course, you can choose yourself. However, such an essay may sound quite subjective. It will be difficult for you to write about a person you do not know well, as you will have to describe his personal qualities and traits of character. It also will be interesting to combine a couple of people in one, and invent an unordinary character. This trick will help you to attract reader’s attention.

  2. You will fail your essay, in case if you decide to describe all the things in detail. It is rather boring for a reader. Try to show, not describe some traits of his character. You can do that by means of providing the reader with showing the reader some situations, and describing the way you character behaved. For example, if you are describing the situation, when your character helped an old lady to care heavy bags, the reader will come to a conclusion that he is kind and outgoing. Such examples will make more vivid pictures in the imagination of the reader, in comparison to dry descriptions of his qualities.

  3. Speak more about the behavior of the character. Do not pay too much attention to his appearance, as the essay should be about his personality. You can give specific examples of some doings and action of the character you are describing. It will give more motion and vividness to your essay.

These simple tips may appear to be very useful, especially, if you though that descriptive essay should contain only dry descriptions of behavior and traits of character of the person you are describing. These tips will help you to make your essay colorful and vivid in the imagination of your reader.

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