Dumpster Diving Essay


Have you ever heard on dumpster diving essay? We can help you to write such an essay on the basis of the information we possess. If a person wants to eat something, he usually goes to the grocery store or a café. Nevertheless, some Europeans and Americans act differently: they put on clothes, which they do not feel sorry to make dirty and go to rummage trash from the nearest supermarket. They are by no means outcasts. Most adherents of the international movement of dumpster diving are young, educated people who not just want to save money, but to offer a fully conscious alternative to overconsumption and overproduction.

Dumpster diving, according to Wikipedia, is a movement, that comes from The USA. In their efforts to save some money, the inhabitants of the New World came to garbage dumps. Once the stores are closed, people - young and old - line up next to dumpsters of the regional stores. Connoisseurs of such "diving" take out not only fresh bread and apples, but also desktop computers. Some of them even go home with a new brush for car panes.

Managers of supermarkets occasionally grumble and repel dumpster diving fans, as stores are losing some part of the revenue. However, from the point of view of the law, the actions of dumpster divers are mostly legal. The main thing is to know the subtleties of the local legislation. Garbage is not a private property, so guests of garbage dumps can hardly be blamed. United Kingdom is an exception, as some municipalities prohibit such trash removal. Austrian law is also not very tolerant. Free food lovers can be accused of illegal entry into the territory of private property of another person. It is an Austria where you are imposed to the risk to be accused of stealing trash.

However, in most European countries it is sufficient to verify that there are no locks on garbage cans or warning announcements. Sometimes good-natured sellers of supermarkets neatly pack garbage in separate plastic bags, helping their overnight guests. Bread and rolls are placed in one bag, while vegetables and fruits are placed in the other.

In the United States, people of different ages and professions are being fond of dumpster diving, while in Europe, mainly students are attracted by this occupation.

After the closure of the supermarket, they usually go to the trash bins in groups. They are gathering their “harvest” and then cook the meal from the collected products, drinking tea and eating cookies, found in trash. This newfangled trend of European students is related to the high prices for the products. Dumpster diving lovers can travel or rent an apartment for the saved money.

There are a couple of key sanitary rules of dumpster diving. First, take out only those products that are in plastic bags or in undamaged packaging. Secondly, do not take perishable - dairy products, meat and fish. The last rule - thoroughly wash all the "catch" at home. Despite the fact that digging in the trash is not the cleanest thing to do, it is strongly recommended to treat dumpster diving locations respectfully. It is necessary to close the lid and not to throw the products on the ground. Otherwise, supermarket will hang locks on containers and hacking of these locks will be considered as an offense against the law.

Dumpster diving may sound funny or even silly, but it really helps to save some money. Real fans of dumpster diving can easily prove you this fact, as they have their own experience. Some people consider dumpster diving as a hobby, while for others it is a way to survive. That is why, we shouldn’t judge people for their actions.

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