Equal Rights Essay


Gender inequality essay or social inequality essay are very important topics to write on. Nowadays, the problem of equality among people has become very important in all spheres of life.

For example, many years ago, racial inequality took place. There was a terrible conflict between the white race, and the race of Afro-Americans. It was a severe time, when Afro- Americans were considered to be as slaves. They had no rights, as they were considered as the lower strata of the society. Later, this problem was finally resolved. However, we can still notice some consequences of this event.

Social inequality is another important problem we are experience every day. It started long ago, when some people were rich, while others were poor. That time, social inequality was mostly connected with the hierarchy. Those, who were born in rich families (which usually had certain title), were always wealthy, while those, who born in poor families, were hard working people, who were usually dependent on their rich hosts. Rich people were hiring those poor peasants, loading them with a hard work, while paying few money. This situation often caused rebels, as the peasants wanted to achieve justice and improve their position in the society. The time has changed, but we still can observe the social inequality. Nowadays, the gap between the social classes is extremely big. If before there was a gap between poor and rich, nowadays, the number of social classes increased: there are homeless people, poor ones, people o middle class, and those who are wealthy. The problem is that not only those people are suffering a lot, but this situation also causes quite a lot of problems in the society. The government should pay a lot of attention to this problem and eliminate the severe consequences of these controversies. Only then, people will have the opportunity to improve their life conditions, and the conflicts will be avoids, as well as murders, robbery other types of crimes.

Gender inequality is another problem, that occurs in some countries. Especially, it is well – spread in Muslim countries. The customs and traditions of these countries are dictating certain rules, according to which, women have no right to vote, to work, or to get education. Their only aim is to be wives and mothers, to watch the house and to cook. Meanwhile, Muslim men are deciding all the issues. They have all the possible rights, as well as the one, that allows them to have several wives. For us, it is hard to understand, because we got used to struggle for the gender equality, and the fact, that we all are equal.

The inequalities mentioned above are quite serious and they become a real problem of our society, as most of our countries are multicultural. Our main aim is to understand, that all the people are equal, and that we all have the right to live happy life. The sooner we understand this, the faster our society becomes successful and prosperous.

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