Essay About Life


Essay about your life can be a very interesting and unique topic. Essay on life can be written in several different ways. For example you can write an essay about your life story, your certain experience, or describe something important that happened in your life. On the other hand, you can write about this topic in theory.

Life is the most amazing and unpredictable thing in the world. It is a real gift of nature, which should be appreciated and cherished by us. Life is something fragile and strong at the same time. As for me, life is not easy, that is why we need to be adequate and patient to live it properly. Our life is complicated, because it is full of events and different actions every day and every minute. It is can be full of joy, happiness, sadness, good days, bad days, but still, life is the best gift, because we live only ones, and our life should be lived with dignity.

Different people have different attitude towards life. It can be connected to social factors, traits of character of every person and the fact, that all people are different and have different needs and tastes. Some of us are leading healthy way of life, going in for sports, paying a lot of attention to family relationships, as well as to the career. However, there are people, who are not satisfied with their lives. They are sad and angry at the same time. They are ruining their health with bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption. They have no desire to live and we can even say that they got tired of life and doing nothing to make it better. They simply gave up.

Of course, all these actions and behavior can be easily understood, because nobody is insured from the negative events in life. For example, anyone can be fired, divorce, or may even lose a person he loves. However, good events are always following bad ones and vice versa. This is the law of our life. When something bad happens, you shouldn’t give up, because there are so many good things in our life! Just look around. Look into the sky, breathe the fresh air and understand that life is amazing. Bad things shouldn’t spoil your opinion about it! We have so may good things ahead, that we shouldn’t waste any minute for bad thoughts or actions.

It is necessary to enjoy your life in the full manner. Only in this case you will be strong enough to cope with all the difficulties and live happy life. Another important factor is to have the sense of life. Your life cant be full if it is aimless. Either you are eager to have a big family, or to have a very successful career, you should struggle against difficulties and achieve the goal of your life.

Life is not always easy, so appreciate every moment and be happy about the things you have, as we live only once!

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