Essay About Mother


Essays about mothers are being written not that often. Such topics as “My mom is my hero essay”, or “Essay about my mother”, you can meet quite often on the internet.  Every person in the world knows, that his mother is the most important person in his life. It is a woman who gave birth to you, brought you up, and taught you everything you know now about life.

We all should understand that being a mother is a really hard job. Every mother gives all her attention and time to her baby, in order to surround him with enough love and care, thus the baby could grow up happy and successful. There is nothing the mother won’t do for her child. She is always there for him, always ready to help and support, even if her child is already an adult one. Pay attention to your mom and notice, how many things she manages to do during the day, and how worried she is about you.

In the childhood, kids can be rather angry, especially if their parents are making them to do their homework, or to help around the house. However, we should understand, that they do it for the sake of our future. They want us to be intelligent, clever, and able to cope with any situation. Our mothers are the strongest source of love and power in our life. We can lose our hearts, in some moments, but they will never let us down, and they will always help and support.

We shouldn’t forget that we must love and appreciate our mothers just the way they are. Even if you think that your mother is not perfect in some aspects, you should know that you will never have an opportunity to get another mother, and you should always try to understand her. Who knows, may be it is you, who misunderstood something, or may be it is you, who are wrong. In any case, remember, that your mom is always right and she want the best for you only.

We need to love our mothers and be thankful to them for the fact that we have them in our lives. There are many children, who were left by their mothers, and we should be sympathetic to them, as we never experienced the things they did. They have no idea about their mother’s love and support, and they will never have such an opportunity. Just remember about those lonely children, when you are quarrelling with your mom. Just hug her and tell that you love her. These words will be the most important for her. Also, you should always try to help your mom with any tasks she may have. On the one hand, you will help her, and on the other hand, you will have an opportunity to spend time together, having a lot of fun.

Love and appreciate your mother, as she is the main woman in your life. Be patient and understand her, because she deserves to be loved and cared of.

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