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Religion essays are very important. To write essay on religion you should be quite knowledgeable. At all stages of development of human civilization, religion was and remains one of the most important factors affecting the outlook and way of life of every believer, as well as relationships in society in the whole. Every religion is based on the belief in supernatural forces, organized worship of God or gods, and on the need to observe a certain set of rules and regulations prescribed to the believers.

In modern world, religion, according to Wikipedia, plays almost as important role as thousands of years ago. According to surveys conducted by the American Institute of Gallup, at the beginning of the XXI century more than 90% of people believed in the existence of God or a higher power, considering the fact that the number of believers was quite the same in developed countries as well as in the countries of the “third world”.

The fact that the role of religion in the modern world is still great, refutes secularization theory, which was popular in the XX-th century, according to which the role of religion is inversely proportional to the development progress.

The globalization process has affected the religious sphere, that is why major world religions are gaining major weight. At the same time, there are fewer adherents of ethnic religion in the modern world. The twentieth century and the modern time can be determined as the flourishing of world religions, as well as the period of the birth and the rapid development of numerous religious sects and pseudo-religious sects. Neoshamanizm, neo-paganism, the teachings of Don Juan (Carlos Castaneda), the teachings of Osho, Scientology, Agni Yoga, the PL-Kyodan - is only a small part of the religious movements that arose at least 100 years ago and currently have hundreds of thousands of followers. Modern man faces the variety of religious teachings.

It is obvious that the flourishing of world religions and the emergence of many new religious movements depends on the spiritual and psychological needs of people. The role of religion in the modern world has not changed much in comparison with the role played by religious beliefs in the past century. If not to take into account the fact that in most countries, religion and politics are separated, and the clergy do not have the power to exercise significant influence on the political and civil processes in the country. However, in many countries, religious organizations have a significant impact on the political and social processes. Also do not forget that religion forms the world of believers, so that even in secular states, religious organizations indirectly affect the life of society, as they form the view of life, beliefs, as well as civil position of citizens, who are members of a religious community. The role of religion in the modern world is expressed in the fact that it performs the following functions:

  1. Satisfaction of spiritual and mystical needs of people. Since most people are interested in global philosophical issues and experiences related to them, it is religion which provides answers to these questions, as well as helps people to find peace of mind and harmony.

  2. The regulatory function of religion. It lies in the fact that each religion has a set of established rules and moral standards, which must be adhered by every believer. Therefore, we can say that religious organizations provide and justify the ethical and behavioral standards, which should be followed by all the believing part of civil society.

  3. The educational function of religion. Belonging of a person to a particular religious organization forces him to comply with the rules and regulations prescribed for all the believers. That is why many people adjust their behavior and even get rid of bad habits after coming to church.

  4. Comforting function of religion. At the time of the tragedy, difficult situations and severe mental suffering, many people turn to religion because they want to be comforted.

  5. The communicative function of religion. In almost all religious organizations, believers communicate with each other, and find friends. Religion unites people of one denomination in a group and gives them a certain moral and religious and values.

Religion is quite an important part of history and it influenced the development of the whole society during centuries. It can be considered as a part of our culture and we should definitely respect each religion and to be tolerant.

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