Essay About Stress


Essay on stress can be written in various ways. Essay on stress management is a very popular topic. However, cause and effect essay on stress is a very interesting topic too. We hope that the following essay will be informative and useful for you. Stress - is the response of the human body to over-voltage, negative emotions or just monotonous fuss. In times of stress, the human body produces the hormone of adrenaline, which should be thrown away. Stress in small amounts is even needed for the body, as it makes us think and search for the way out of the situation we appeared in. So to say, our life would be boring without stress. On the other hand, if the stress becomes too much, the body weakens and loses its strength and ability to solve problems. Mechanisms of stress have been thoroughly studied and they are quite complex: they are connected with our hormonal, nervous and vascular systems. It should be noted that the strong stress affects health. Stress, according to Wikipedia, reduces immunity and can cause numerous diseases (cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and others.). Therefore, you must be able to resist the stress state and make yourself positive.

What is stress from the practical point of view? To figure it out, let's look at the major symptoms of stress:

  • Constant feelings of anger, depression, and sometimes for no apparent reason.

  • Poor, restless sleep.

  • Depression, physical weakness, headache, fatigue, unwillingness to do anything.

  • Reduction of concentration, which makes it difficult to study or work. Problems with memory and decrease of the speed of the thinking process.

  • Inability to relax, to postpone the problems.

  • Lack of interest to others, even to best friends, family and loved ones.

  • Constant desire to cry, tearfulness, sometimes turning into sobs, melancholy, pessimism, self-pity.

  • Loss of appetite - although it also happens the other way around: the excessive food intake.

  • Often there may occur nervous tics and obsessive habits: man bites his lips, chewing on nails, etc. Appears fussiness, distrust of all and everyone.

  • If you are under stress, this means one thing: your body reacted to any external irritant.

In some cases, the term "stress" is used to refer to the irritator stimulus. For example, the physical one - is a strong cold or unbearable heat, reduction or increase of the atmospheric pressure. Chemical stress can be understood as the impact of all kinds of toxic substances. Mental stress can be caused by strong negative and positive emotions. Biological stress includes: injuries, viral diseases, muscle overload.

Basically, anything can become the reason of stress. In most cases it is anything that irritates him. Both women and men can be subjected to stress equally. However, each body has its own characteristics. If you started to notice signs, speaking about stressful tension of the body, you should find the reasons first. It is quite clear that it is much easier to avoid causes of stress, than its consequences.

It is very important to be able to cope with stress. Even deep breathe can help you to do this. Healthy diet is another important factor which can be very helpful if you are suffering from stress. Eat slowly, in small portions. Take some rest after the meal. Just remember that your health depends on your mental state and well-being, that is why you should try to do your best to learn how to cope with stress, in order to be happy.

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