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The US Constitution,according to Wikipedia, is the fundamental law of the United States, which has the highest legal force. This document regulates the basic laws of the state and protects the rights of American citizens. The US Constitution was adopted in Philadelphia, September 17, 1787, by the delegates of the Constitutional Convention, chaired by George Washington, and then was ratified by representatives of all 13 states.

Before the adoption of the US Constitution, the federal government was considered as a weak governing body, and states existed as independent states. In 1787, at the Congress of representatives of the state, was considered new governance principle, which included the distribution of power on the 3 bodies: the executive, legislative and judicial. Checks and balances were applied to all the branches of government guaranteeing the balance of powers among branches of government.

In 1791 the US government passed the Bill of Rights comprising 10 amendments to the US Constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech, religion selection of US citizens and others. 27 amendments to the US Constitution have been adopted today.

Shortly after America won its independence from Great Britain (War of Independence), it became apparent that the young republic needs a strong central government. In 1786, a New York lawyer and politician Alexander Hamilton called on the Congress to organize a constitutional convention in order to discuss the matter. Confederation Congress endorsed the idea and offered to all 13 states to send their delegates to discussion in Philadelphia.

Among the most controversial issues was the question of the representation of the states in Congress. The delegates from large states insisted on the number of delegates proportional to state population, while small states insisted on equal representation from each state. The issue was resolved by a compromise of Connecticut, who proposed a bicameral legislature with a proportional representation of the states in the lower house (House of Representatives) and equal representation in the upper house (Senate).

Another point of contention was the issue of slavery. Despite the fact that some of the northern states have already begun to prohibit slavery in its territory, they had to come to terms with the position of the southern states, and postpone this issue for the next 20 years. Most of the representatives of the North believed that without the consent of the issue, a compromise with the South would not have been achieved.

To determine the number of delegated representatives of the State Congress, it was necessary to calculate the population of each of the states, including slaves. Therefore, it was decided to take slave as three fifth of a person. The term servant of the US Constitution was used as the “other person”. In addition, it was decided to amend the US Constitution to limit the claims of the US Congress in 1808 to make decisions on the prohibition of the slave trade, the prohibition on assistance in organizing the escape of slaves, as well as to contribute to return escaped slaves to their owners.

The new government, in accordance with the US Constitution, was formed on March 4, 1789. George Washington became the first US President on April 30, 1789. In June of the same year, Virginia, and New York joined the states to ratify the US Constitution. On February 2, 1790, the US Supreme Court held its first session. This date is the date of the complete formation of the US government. On May 29, 1790, Rhode Island became the last state to ratify the US Constitution.

For more than 200 years of existence of the US Constitution, the US State increased its territory in several times and took the entire continent, in ten times was increased the population of the country. It is unlikely that the fathers of Constitution could have foreseen this. The creators knew that the Constitution was not a perfect document. However, thanks to this document, our country is successful and prospering.

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