Essay on civil disobedience


What do you usually understand under the term “civil disobedience”? In simple words, civil disobedience is represented by an act of a person, who refuses to follow the civil laws, in order to motivate the government to make certain changes in political and legislative systems.

Henry David Thoreau civil disobedience essay claims that people are not supposed allow the government to influence their consciousness and tolerate the injustice that may occur in any sphere of governmental policy.

Civil disobedience can not be treated as a violent action, as it is not like that by nature. It can be characterized as a protest and an effort of people to improve the government. However, nowadays the notion of civil disobedience may be considered from both sides: violent and non-violent. The problem is that civil disobedience can be interpreted as an effort of governmental reform.

It is quite logical, because people are choosing the government they want to rule their country and they have the right to show the protest against the things they do not like. However, all the actions should be legal and non-violent, as nothing can be solved by means of violent behavior and actions.

Some scholars consider civil disobedience to be not dangerous, as it is just the way people express their activism and try to attract the attention of the citizens to an existing problems or things they would like to be changed, while others consider that it may go too far and influence the position of the country in the worst way.

What are the examples of civil disobedience? In Thoreau’s essay on civil disobedience, you may find the example of such a civil disobedience – it is a refusal of people to pay taxes. In such a way, people are representing their point of view, and showing the protest about the existing laws, without applying violent methods.

On practice, the successfulness  of methods of civil disobedience was demonstrated by Mahatma Gandhi in the struggle of the national liberation movement of India. Another good example is the actions of Martin Luther King in the movement of black Americans for civil rights, as well other protest campaigns of the XX century.

As you see, civil disobedience, is the term that doesn’t bring any violence. It is just a way of people, who are struggling for changes for better, to attract attention to a certain problem in the society.

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