Essay on cloning: pros and cons


If you are looking for human cloning essays, then you have come to the right place. Today, our cloning persuasive essay is being represented for you.

Cloning has always been vividly discussed by scholars and ordinary people. It is quite obvious, because this topic is very interesting and intriguing at the same time. So, what is cloning? The process of cloning represents the creation of an organism, which, is identical to another organism, on the DNA level. Most people doubt that human cloning is possible, because it seems to be unrealistic. However, it is not very clever to think so, especially now, when the progress of the science development is pretty impressive.

The achievements of science in the sphere of human cloning are going forward quite fast. Scientists have managed to clone animals and plants, and you should agree that these promotions are astonishing.  However, the problems of human cloning are being debated by all the scholars in the world. It is happening because of the fact, that we do not know what result of human cloning we will get. The consequences may be quite serious, because cloning is considered to be as an intervention into natural processes and it can be strongly punished by Mother Nature. Let’s take Dolly lamb as an example. This animal was cloned and it was a great achievement, but nobody expected that the animal would die soon.

In general, cloning is a good idea, which proves the fact that there is nothing impossible for human. On the other side, moral and ethical norms of society may strongly suffer under the influence of the consequences , which cloning may involve. Also, we should admit that cloning is practically a process of life creation in vitro. Of course, due to the modern achievements of science, it may not sound that odd but still, it is difficult for human comprehension, to understand that we can control the process of the emergence of life.

This power of control can negatively influence our minds and change the whole society arrangement. The preciousness of life may be lost, as people will think that cloning is able to solve all the problems.

As for the moral issues, cloning can become a real salvation for people, who suffered from the death of their relatives. They will have an opportunity to regain their relative. It all sounds rather fantastic and difficult for perception, but we should be ready to accept this achievement of science.

It is extremely important to handle this part of progress in the best way. We should make the best of things out of cloning, in order for it to influence our lives and the life of the whole society in the positive way only. Of course, it is clear that this process violates the rules of nature and it may lead to unknown consequence, but still, as cloning was invented, it should be handled correctly. That is why , the opinion of each person on the Earth towards cloning should be heard, in order for the government to make the right decision as for the usage of this unusual achievement of science.

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