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Essays on communication are being written by lots of students. Non verbal communication essay is another important topic that should be considered. So, let us find out the meaning of communication and its main types.Communication is the process of the interchange of information between people. In such a way, people are usually sharing their ideas, opinions, attitudes, etc. The importance of the communication is huge, because it helps people understand each other and solve problems. We are leaving in the society, among other people, which means that we are constantly being involved in the process of communication. Just imagine what kind of life we would have if there was no communication at all? It would be very difficult for us to understand each other and the development of the whole world would have stopped. No progress would occur. Thanks to communication we have achieved amazing result in the process of evolution and the whole world progress. So, let us find out about the types of Communication.

Types of communication:

  • Verbal communication is represented via speaking. Any conversation is a verbal communication. We are representing our thoughts, sharing information, discussing problems.

  • Non-verbal communication is usually being presented by gestures, movements, facial expressions (all these aspects are also called “the body language”. Thanks to such verbal signals, the information sharing is also possible.

Usually, when people are communicating, they are using both types: verbal and non-verbal communication. It makes the speech more vivid and understandable. Both types of communication are tightly connected with each other.

However, there are some cases when one of this types is absent in the speech. Some people suffer from deafness, and the deaf language is refers to non-verbal communication. Some people are unable to move, but they can speak. In this case non-verbal communication is absent, while verbal is present.

Why does non-verbal communication is so important? That is because thanks to it you are bale to express your feelings and attitude towards the conversation you are leading. You can show whether you are interested in the talk, whether you are telling the truth, or whether you would like to have a serious conversation. Do not forget, that eye contact is also a part of your body language. Be respectful, and do not forget to look into the eyes of your collocutor while having conversation.

As you see, communication is very important in our life. That is why, we should always be respectful for each other. We must learn the good manners of leading the conversation, in order to be able to achieve any goal. Being attentive and respectful are the key factors for the successful communication.

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