Essay On Cultural Identity


Either you have to write cultural background essay, cultural diversity essay or cross culture experience essay, you will need to mention about cultural identity.It is difficult to find a country, in which people of the same nationality and culture live. In many states live people of different nationalities, ethnic and religious groups.Therefore, education in the spirit of patriotism, respect and friendship among peoples, as well as tolerance reflect the meaning and purpose of educational actions aimed to achieve harmonious relationshipamong people.Nowadays, it is impossible to maintain the peace, if we do not learn to understand each other and respect the cultures of other peoples around us.

The feeling of national identity leads people to spiritual prosperity. The higher is the sense of nationality, the better the person is aware of the nature of the historical background of his people. In this way, the brighter and more expressive are being manifested the dignities of the particular person, belonging to this nation. A healthy sense of belonging to your own nation is as natural as a child's love for his parents, his own home. Here is the moment when the understanding of cultural identity comes. In the life of every nation, there is an established psychology of the world perception, which is based on a specific way of life of these people. Each ethnic group has a special mentality - their lifestyles, biologically and socially conditioned spirituality, a way of thinking, mind, moral attitude, worldview.Historical experience has shown that the lack of knowledge of the culture of your people, it’s past and present leads to the destruction of communication between the generations. Today, the national-patriotic education helps to be approved by the relations of friendship, equality, mutual respect, mutual assistance and full cooperation of peoples and nations.The true patriot is respectful to other cultures, people of other nationalities. The higher the level of national culture, the higher is the human culture in general, the more carefully hetreats the people of other nationalities.We all are being surrounded by people of different nationalities and ethnic group. Intercultural contact is very tight and we should be tolerant towards it. At the same time we should be aware of our cultural identity, which has a long history.

Every nation has its own historical traditions and customs that are different in the level and depth of their ideological content, depending on the historical destinies of the people. That is why cultural identity is extremely important for every person. We should bare the customs and traditions of our people carefully, in order to transfer them to new generations. We need to cherish the culture of every nation, as it has a very long history, and the history of each culture is unique and full of different events. Cultural identity is being formed by our families, that is why we should know the story of our people, in order to be aware of the historical background, thanks to which it was formed.

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