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Emily Dickinson was an American poet and lyricist. Dickinson was the second of three children in the family; they remained close lifelong. Under the strong impression of creativity of Emerson And Emily Bronte, she started to write poetry.

Her literary mentor was Benjamin F. Newton, a young man, who studied law in the office of her father. Only a few of her poems can be dated to the period until 1858, when she began to rewrite them into small, bound booklets. From her letters of 1850s there is the image of a lively, witty, slightly shy young woman.

Her poems of 1850s were relatively traditional, but starting from 1860s, they became experimental in language, as well as in prosody, although the metric is based on Shakespeare and the King James Bible. Prevailing form in Dickinson poetry is quatrain of iambic trimeter. She also resorted to many other poetic forms, giving certain complexity even to the most simple church hymns, constantly changing rhythm of the verse, in accordance with the idea: either slowing it down, then speeding up, then interrupting. She updated the verse, making extensive use of imprecise rhymes, to varying degrees, deviating from the real, which also helped to convey the idea in all its tensions and internal contradictions. Striving for aphoristic brevity, she cleared the poetic speech of superfluous words and ensured that the remaining were alive and accurate. Dickinson could freely handle the syntax and liked to put unusual words in an unusual context, in order to puzzle the reader, to attract his attention and force him to open a new meaning of the word.

The peak of here creative activity took place during the Civil War, when she wrote about 800 poems. Although, all the topics of her poetry she was looking in herself, not in the external circumstances, the alarming situation of the war years, probably, influenced her creativity, having forced its internal tension.

After the Civil War in the poetic works of Dickinson delineated recession, but she persistently sought to build my life according to the laws of art. In her letters, which sometimes reached the perfection of her poems, the poet captured the everyday experience with classical aphoristic.

Dickinson’s recent years, according to Wikipedia, have been marred with grief due to the death of many people she loved. The hardest part took place when her father died, as well as 8-year-old nephew, Gilbert. These events were reflected in her most heartfelt letters. Judge Lord of Salem, Massachusetts, whom Dickinson fell in love with in 1878, was a close friend of her father. Drafts of her letters to the beloved reveal the gentle feeling on which Lord reciprocated. Jackson, a poet and a famous novelist, understood the greatness of Dickinson’s poems and unsuccessfully tried to persuade her to print them.

The main topics of poems by Dickinson, expressed love, death and nature. The contrast between the quiet, solitary life of the poet in the house where she was born and died, and the depth and intensity of her laconic poems caused a lot of talk about her personality and personal life. Poems by Dickinson and her writing draw a passionate and intelligent woman and impeccable master, who turned her poetry into the art, as well as her letters and life.

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