Essay On Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment essays are difficult to write, in case if you have no idea on what to write about. Let’s leave psychological attacks to psychologists and consider notorious harassment in the narrow sense, as sexual harassment in the work place, as usually it occurs there.

What factors falls under sexual harassment? Sexual harassment, according to Wkipedia, includes not only sexual coercion with the use of an official position, but also such things like replicas, obscene jokes, compliments with erotic content, touches - even fleeting, casual, and so on.

The first trial in the case of sexual harassment at work took place in 1975 in the District Court of the District of Columbia (USA). Two employee of the same company sued his boss. The court found that sexual harassment is a violation of art. VII law banning discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion and gender at work. In 1986, the Supreme Court issued a decision that harassment at work is illegal, even if the victim has not suffered material injury, and suffers only from a moral discomfort. In 1991, it happened a boom on such matters, because the victims of sexual harassment had the opportunity to seize a lot of money as compensation for moral damages.

For example, in Europe, the law on sexual harassment in the workplace was adopted by the EU Parliament in April 2002 and entered into force only two years ago. Harassment is defined as "the behavior of a sexual nature, the purpose and result of which, affect the dignity of the other person and / or creating a hostile workplace, aggressiveness or insecurity." The responsibility for it lies on the employer.

In America, the number of claims for sexual harassment in the workplace has increased by 127% over the past ten years. Compensation in such cases yearly reaches $ 1 billion.

As we see, even the slightest flirt can be considered as sexual harassment. That is why, each of us should be careful, in order to avoid sexual harassment at work, and further problems.

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