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Characters of Ray Bradbury are singles, who are rushing up into a hopeless battle, in efforts not to win, but to assert their human dignity. Love to man, hatred of everything hostile to him, to those factors that prevent a person to be worthy of this proud title - that is the driving force of creativity R. Bradbury. This indivisible "love-hate" helped him to create, perhaps, the most powerful of an infinite number warning novels written in this century. "451 ° Fahrenheit",according to Wikipedia, is a book which brought worldwide fame to the author.

The world looked with the horror at the flame glow from the burning books, provoked by cruel firefighters of Bradbury, who transferred the action of his novel in those times, when books were burnt because of the fact that they made people think. The occupation of the protagonist of the novel, Guy Montag is a firefighter. However, it is a firefighter, who is armed not with a hose with fire, but with the flamethrower with kerosene. He doesn’t extinguish the fire, he ignites the fire. Indeed, it happened more than once: the things that are aimed to save people, to help them, to make their lives happier, suddenly turns against them. It starts to press, oppress, threaten them, and finally kills.

Something similar is happening now with the Western culture that is transforming in the counterculture, in mass culture, as well as in something that has nothing to do with genuine culture, though still often dresses up in old clothes. However, the firefighters from the novel are sure that the sense of their profession always lies in the fact that they should rush and burn seditious volumes together with the houses, and even owners, according to the first signal of the alarm.

The society, illustrated by Bradbury not only kills people and destroys books in a physical aspect. First of all, it kills souls. There are so many creatures with humanoid shell, from which all the good human qualities are taken away. When the remains of the soul, glimpses of conscience wake up, Mildred, even without knowing precisely what she was doing, tried to commit suicide, and her friends, the same unfortunate victims of mass culture, are crying, having heard a few lines of poetry. However, it's a rush for a moment, as their process of spiritual decay has gone too far. They are substantially dead. However, Bradbury wouldn’t have been progressive writer, if he would only limit with warnings and frightening scenes. In his works we can always find the opposing characters.

I have found quite a lot of grim, soul stunning, but at the same time surprising pictures. What is the most interesting that I closed the book without a heavy residue. Quite the opposite, it has something bright, even sunny, which reminds the smile of a red, shaggy, freckled boy. It happened, because through the optimism of the author, his faith in the ultimate triumph of mind, in the fact that all man-made wonders and curiosities should be passed on - from generation to generation, and so on without end. In his novel, Bradbury shows us that mankind will be able to cope with any difficulties, it will not only survive, but also be able to be happy. I am so eager to believe in this!

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