Freedom Definition Essay


Freedom essay and essay about freedom are very interesting. The concept of freedom, according to wikipedia  is purely private for every human being, and the perception of it is quite ambiguous. In today's world, freedom is a religious value, but everyone understands it differently.

In my opinion, freedom is the opportunity to be engaged in your favorite business, to bring joy and happiness to the people who surround you. For me, this value has nothing to do with patriotism or political views. It's just a deeply personal state of mind, when you feel yourself a happy man on any financial condition. Although, many people consider themselves free if they are financially independent. However, it is worth remembering that money alone can not give you any freedom. Thus, if the main aim of a person is to possess financial resources, he can hardly feel freedom. In such situation, a person simply becomes a hostage of the money, but not a free and independent person. That is why, a lot of things depend not on the amount of money you have, but on your intentions, as well as your attitude towards it.

Year after year we can hear a lot about freedom in relationship, which is commonly called “free love”. But can this statement can be considered correct? I suppose that the relationship, which is being built without any obligations is an ordinary crush, inherent to weak and insecure people, who are not free, as they are always afraid of responsibility. To be free means to be fully aware and responsible for your actions. Therefore, I believe that the relationship without obligations should not be put on a par with freedom. Many people also argue that freedom is what would satisfy their whims and all sorts of passions. Basically, these are not religious people, for whom the satisfaction of their own instincts is in the first place. They will not stop until they achieve the desired result. Such actions usually lack conscience and common sense in general. As we all know, freedom comes when we cease to be dependent on our passions.

Consequently freedom is a very profound value, which has a different meaning for each of us. It depends on our desires and intentions, as well as on our position in life. Really free person can be truly happy, because not everyone is given the opportunity to understand what freedom really is and to discover the correct form of it. Also, real freedom is the ability to make the choice. The problem is that we need to make choice every day, in every sphere of life. And if we know what to do, how to behave, and if we are responsible for our deeds, then the feeling of freedom will make us happy and sure in our powers and ability to build life the way we want.

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