Good vs Evil Essay


Good vs evil essays are one of the most popular topics. The question of this controversy has always been actual and popular for discussion.

Let’s take fairy tales as an example. The fight between good and bad has always been the major topic in every fairy tale. Kind prince or any other hero was always struggling against monsters, such as dragons, vampires and other cruel creatures. Witches and trolls have always been representatives of the evil part. We should admit, that in films and books, the good always wins the evil and this is very important, as happy end always encourages us and makes us believe in the best events, that our life is full of positive things.

However, the problem of good and bad is actual not only for the fairy tales, but also for our everyday life. Every day good and evil are struggling with each other. We are always eager to fight for the truth and fairness in every sphere of our life. Whenever bad things happen, we are struggling for the best result, that’s is why we can say that we are playing on the side of good.

Nowadays society has become quite different form the one it was before. We have more freedom today, as well as more abilities to express our points of view. This freedom leaded to certain disputes among people and due to this fact, people has become quite cruel and fierce. Time after time we forget about the good, and not all our doings can be considered as good ones. More often our thoughts and actions can hurt other people, which is definitely can’t be considered good.

However, there is a way to make our society and the whole world better. The only secret is to start with yourself:

  • Think positively

  • Treat other people the way you want to be treated

  • Think about something good

  • Never hurt other people

  • Think about what you are saying, as it may lead to severe consequences

  • Be patient and respectful towards other people

  • Try to do something good every day

  • Always remember that your actions can predetermine your future.

This simple tips are very effective and useful. You can be sure that if we all follow them, our world will become better. Positive way of thinking will help us to win in the battle with evil!

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