Hashtag History And How To Use It


Nowadays, the technological progress has gone very far. There are a lot of electronic innovations, which made our life easier and more difficult at the same time. New things appear so fast, that for some people it becomes quite difficult to remember the technology of usage of new gadgets, as well as new terminology. The term “hashtag” appeared in the modern lexicon not that long ago. Its sudden appearance is tightly connected with the fact, that social networks has become extremely popular among people. As they are using these networks, new words and terms are constantly appearing in the process of their communication.

So, hashtag is a metadata tag, which makes it easier for the users of different social networks to find the information they need faster and easier.

The first time when the word “hashtag” was used, occurred in the year 2007, in the blog written by Stowe Boyd. However, the story of the usage of hashtags is considered to begin in the year of 2009, when Twitter started to hyperlink the words in tweets, the users wrote. It was made in order that users could easily find the information they need. For example, you entered the word “writing” into the search bar. When you press “search”, you will find the list of current results of the posts, in which this word was used. If in Twitter hashtags are used mostly for comfortable usage of the site, Instagram users have made a real fashion out of hashtag usage. Modern users are posting their photos and writing hashtags. For example, you took a photo where you are on the party. Just add hashtags as: #party, #fun, #excited and many others, which correspond to your photo. Other Instagram users can enter one of those hashtags into the search bar and they will see your photo. Easy and funny, isn’t it?

Some may think that hashtags are kind of useless and some of you may really not need them at all and never use them in your social life, however, hashtags are very convenient and useful for those, who do not have time and are eager to find the needed information fast. In any case, in nowadays modern society, social networks are playing a huge role in our everyday life. We are spending so much time in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other networks, that it is quite important to know all the functions of these sites. Who knows, maybe you simply didn’t know anything about hashtags and that is why you didn’t use them. Now, when you are aware of this notion, this information can become really useful for you. It is very important to know everything about the modern technologies, as we do not know in which sphere of life we may need them.

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