Healthy Food Essay


Essay about food is very interesting and easy to write. Food essays are so great, as this topic is available to everyone and each of us possesses certain information as for products and dishes. There are many diets that lead to successful weight loss, if you adhere to the prescribed rules. However, diets that lead to weight loss, can not be equated to a healthy diet. Diet presupposes restrictions, for which you have to change the way you eat.The closer the product is to its natural state, the more benefits it will bring you. Fresh fruits and berries are very useful, and in addition, can satisfy your need for sweet. Vegetables are the best suppliers of vitamins and minerals that enhance the body's ability to absorb nutrients. Steam processing of vegetables will retain their nutritional values. Make sure that the pasta and bakery products are made from whole grains. Avoid baked sweets and pies. Do you like bakery? Eat an apple pie then, as it will actually be good for you.

Cook lean meat and do not forget about the fish. Fatty acids of Omega-3 group are really useful for our health, because they lower the level of cholesterol. They can be found in ocean fish, that is why it is recommended to eat seafood two or three times a week. It will help you to protect yourself from the effects of stress and ease the depression.Keep in mind that fried fish and chicken are more healthy foods than fried fowl and beef.Diversify your diet to get all the vitamins and minerals. Drink water, milk and 100% fruit and vegetable juice beverages as core. Limit consumption of sugary soft drinks. If plain water you think tasteless, add the slice of lemon or lime to give it some flavor. Water helps to lose weight, if you treat the issue wisely. Complete hydration is an important factor in weight loss issue, because the liquid is needed to rid the body from metabolic products.

Unhealthy Food:

  • Deep fried foods

  • Sweet drinks

  • Sweetmeats

  • Salty snacks

  • Sausages

  • Fatty snacks

  • White bread and pasta

  • Most canned foods

  • Breakfast cereal with sugar

  • Frozen fried chicken

  • Fish (crab) bacillus

  • Junk food

Healthy Food

  • Green and brightly colored vegetables

  • The greens and salads

  • Seaweed

  • Spinach

  • Fresh fruits and berries

  • The meat of turkey and chicken

  • Eggs

  • Nuts, dried fruits

  • Wheat bread and pasta whole grain

  • Sunflower oil, olive oil

  • Ocean fish, seafood

  • Low-fat milk or soy milk drinks

  • Nuts, seeds and legumes

Healthy diet is a way to healthy life style and well being. If you want to look good and happy, you should follow our simple tips and very soon you will see that your life is changing for better. We are what we eat. Remember this next time, when you want to grab a burger or French Fries.

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