Honesty is the best policy essay


Nowadays, tutors are giving the tasks to their students to write foreign policy essay, public policy essay, fiscal policy essay, etc.

However, what if your task is to write essay on honesty is the best policy? This topic differs from those, like essay on foreign policy, or something like that. So, let’s find out the main aspects of this topic.

According to Wikipedia, honesty is a very important factor of the successful life. It is so, because when you are honest with other people, you feel free as, you do not have to remember all the lies you told before. Telling the truth brings peace and joy to your mind and soul. It also gives the feeling of harmony in your heart. When you are honest with other people, they will pay you back with the same behavior.

Telling lies can make you feel uncomfortable and bear the feeling of guilt. It may be very strong and you may even feel ashamed for your words. However, not all the people feel the guilt, as all the characters are different. You also may notice that it is very easy for some people to lie. It has already become their habit and they are not ashamed to tell the lies looking into your eyes.

As you see, being honest or not is the choice of every person. So, why honesty is considered to be the best policy? This proverb is better to examine on the example. Let’s imagine that you found a wallet on the street. What will you do? Honest person will take it to the police or will try to find the owner of the wallet himself. Dishonest person will take the wallet.

That was an example on the social level. What if we take an example from that on the governmental level? Let’s imagine, that the candidate John is running a campaign for the mayor of the city. Of course, he is promising a lot of things to do for his city or state, but he knows for sure that he is telling lied and he will never fulfill his promises. Another case it would be, if John would have promised only those things that he would be able to complete.  Because of John’s dishonesty, citizens will suffer from his lies. In case of him being honest, the government of the city or state will be in advantage and the whole system will be improving.

As you see, honesty is really considered to be the best policy, because it is able to influence people’s lives. Honesty plays a great role in our life and it predetermines our future destiny and our doings. If you are honest with people, they will also be honest with you, and that is one of the main laws of the honesty policy.

So, we should be honest with each other, in case if we want to build really successful life and improve our lives. Let’s improve the policy of honesty together!

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