How To Cope With Heart Stroke


Modern people are exposed to an incredible physical and psychological stress every day. Our body is able to adapt to changing external and internal conditions and this allows anyone to cope with adverse environmental factors. Unfortunately, the functionalities of the human body are not limitless. In this or that way, failures may occur, and their consequences can be very dramatic, especially when it comes to the cardiovascular system. Even minor violations in the heart work can lead to heart attack over time. The main danger for the person is that the attack arises acutely, making it difficult to diagnose and can lead to the myocardial ischemia.

What is a heart attack? According to Wikipedia, in the beginning, there is a spasm or blockage of the arteries feeding the heart, the lack of blood supply contributes to the development of ischemia and necrosis, and an hour after the beginning of the process coronary death may occur. Heart attacks are fatal in thirty percent of cases. Why does it happen? It's pretty simple. A lot of people usually do not pay enough attention to the emerging pain and other symptoms associated with the heart attack, and this is the main mistake that leads to irreversible pathology and death.

Causes of heart attack:

  • Acute occlusion by thrombus or embolus lumen of the artery;

  • The sudden narrowing of heart vessels, for example, due to atherosclerotic plaques;

  • The presence of atherosclerosis, hypertension, or diabetes;

  • Bad habits: smoking, alcohol and drugs;

  • Inactive lifestyle, sedentary work, leading in most cases to obesity;

  • Psychological factors: emotional stress, frequent stress, increased levels of anxiety, nervous excitement, and so on;

  • Adverse weather conditions: atmospheric pressure, magnetic storms, sudden changes of temperature.

To minimize the risk of dying of a heart attack it is necessary to know the main symptoms:

  • Prolonged pain, localized in the chest, which can be cutting, crushing, aching or burning in nature. A person may feel pressure in the chest, accompanied by the feeling of heartburn. Such chest pain often occurs in the left half of the body: in the hand up to the forearm, the left half of the neck, in the scapula.

  • One of the major symptoms, which indicates a heart attack, is the shortness of breath, which takes place even at minimal activity or at rest. Shortness of breath occurs because the heart does not receive the amount of blood needed for normal functioning.

  • A person may feel weakness, heart palpitations. Production of sweat glands may also be increased.

  • Pain in the stomach, nausea and vomiting may accompany a heart attack. It is necessary to pay attention to them if they occur while taking the usual food and are not associated with poor-quality food.

First aid is necessary if the person suffers from heart stroke. If you noticed any symptoms of this disease, you should immediately call the ambulance, in order to save life of the person or yours.

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