Human Trafficking Essay


Essay on human trafficking is a very serious and sad topic. However, if you have to writer human trafficking essay, then you should possess some information, and data, which will help you to write really good essay of high quality. In case if you have any difficulties in writing human trafficking essays, then you will find this essay quite informative and interesting. Who knows, maybe it will help to write your own. December 2 is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. The use of slave labor in any form is prohibited by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Nevertheless, in today's world, slavery is common and much more widespread, than it has ever been before.

The experts of the international organization Free the Slaves argue that if for the 400 years of existence of the transatlantic slave trade, approximately 12 million slaves were exported from the Dark Continent, then in the modern world more than 27 million people live as slaves (1 million in Europe). According to experts, the underground slave trade is the third level of profitability of criminal business in the world, second only to the arms trade and drugs. Its income is $ 32 billion, and the annual income generated by forced laborers to their owners, is equal to half of that amount.

Nowadays, there is an entire caste in India, delivering gratuitous workers, especially children, working in hazardous occupations. In the northern parts of Thailand, sale into slavery of daughters is the main source of income and it lasts for centuries.

In Mauritania, the slavery is special - "family." Here, the power belongs to the so called white Moors - Arabs-Hasani. Each Arab family owns several families of Afro-Mauritanians. Their families are being transmitted in families of Moorish nobility by inheritance over the centuries. Slaves are being given a variety of work - starting from the care of the cattle and up to building. Nevertheless, the most profitable kind of slave business is the water sale. From morning till evening slaves are transporting water carriers by truck to the city large jars, earning 5-10 dollars a day, which is considered to be very good money for these locations.

Labor slavery is spread throughout the world, including the countries, which won the victory for democracy. Usually, those who had been abducted or illegally immigrated are usually being caught into slavery. In 2006, the UN Commission published a report entitled "Human trafficking: global patterns". It says that people are sold into slavery in 127 countries, and in 137 countries traffic victims are being exploited. In 11 countries it is recorded a "very high" level of activity of kidnappers (more than 50 thousand people per year.), Among them are: New Guinea, Zimbabwe, China, Congo, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania and Sudan.

Those workers who want to leave the country on their own will, usually turn to different firms. These firms usually promise well-paid job abroad to people, but then (upon arrival in a foreign country), their documents are being taken away, and these people are being sold to criminal authorities, which deprive them of their freedom and subject to forced labor.

According to experts from the US Congress, annually, 2 million people are being trafficked abroad for resale. Mostly these are women and children. Girls are promised career in modeling, but in real they are being forced to prostitution (sexual exploitation) or to work on clandestine garment factories.

UN and other organizations are making great efforts in the fight against modern slavery, but the result is rather modest. The fact is that the punishment for the slave trade is several times lower in comparison with other serious crimes, such as rape. On the other hand, local authorities are often so interested in a shady business that frankly patronizing modern authorities to give part of their windfall profits.

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