Influence Of Social Media On Travel Industry


Nowadays, Social Media, according to Wikipedia, have occupied all the spheres of our every day life. We can’t imagine our day without checking mail, Facebook and Twitter account. However, these social media are not only the means to communicate, but they also serve as a source of news and advertisement.

Today, travelling industry becomes more and more popular. People are eager to travel and to see the world as it is. That is why, the influence of social media has become so terrific. How is that possible, you may think? Everything is simple! For example, let’s imagine that you went to Egypt. You had an amazing vacation there and you took a lot of amazing  photos of you swimming in the Red Sea, visiting pyramids and many others. Of course, you are eager to share this photos with your friends. That is why, you are posting them in the Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams, and other social networks. Of course, you are also putting quite a lot of  hashtags, such as #travelling, #thebestvacationever, #Egypt, #RedSea. Probably, you may also want to put a hastag of the hotel you stopped in. At the same time, the person from the other part of the end found your hashtags or saw your photos in the recommended pages. He is also eager to travel and he may like the vacation you had. As a result, he also decides to go to Egypt, and he can also stay in the same hotel, as according to your feedback, you also liked it.

Do you understand how it works now? It is like a free advertisement. People in travelling agencies can do nothing, and their business will be advertised for free, by ordinary people, who are showing off the places they have visited. That is the way it works. For example, you noticed that one of your friends visited a nice resort in Turkey. He put a lot of hashtags, sharing impressions that he got from his vacation. Also, he mentioned that the hotel was amazing. Next time, when you are going to the vacation, you will probably ask your friends about the agency he used to go there. Also, you will probably want to go to Turkey and maybe to the same hotel!

One more fact that proves that media influences travel industry is that nowadays people use computers more often, and many travel companies are posting the offers on social networks, and people are constantly seeing them. It works like this: you are constantly seeing the attractive posts of travel company on your page and you feel like you want to relax and to go somewhere.

As far as you can judge, the influence of social media on travel industry is really impressive. It is being promoted by the huge role of the Internet in our modern life.

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