Internet Addiction Essay


Internet addiction essay is a very widespread topic nowadays. Internet safety essay has become very actual nowadays. That is why, essay on internet is a common topic to be written among students all over the world. In modern society almost every person has Internet at home. Most PC users can’t imagine their lives without Internet. Internet is one of the most significant inventions of the human development in recent years and it has really conquered the whole world. It has made our life a lot easier in many aspects. This global network has destroyed the boundaries of communication among people from different countries and continents. We work on the Internet every day, we chat with friends, watch videos , listen to music, looking for information, play games, make purchases and discuss a variety of questions on forums. Recently, one of the main forms of leisure activities of young people has become a pastime in social networks. According to global statistics, about 50% of the population have accounts in some social networks, and some even in several at once.

Today, the phenomenon of Internet addiction, according to Wikipedia, is being intensively discussed. In the most common form, internet addiction can be defined as "non-chemical dependence on the use of the Internet." On the behavioral level, it is being manifested in the fact that people prefer to live their Internet life, rather than their real life, spending up to 20 hours in a virtual reality. Another definition of Internet addiction is obsessive desire to be online and painful inability to disconnect from the Internet in a timely manner. In medicine, it appeared a figurative term Netaholic. It includes 3 subtypes.

  1. Online dating and online relationships – this includes people, who are suffering from the addiction from chat rooms, services, instant messaging or social networking. And they are overly involved in an online relationship.

  2. Internet game addiction - dependence to participate in online games, casino games, and online auctions has recently become a serious problem in the field of mental health. With the access to the virtual casino, online games, and online auctions, dependent people lose significant amounts of money, neglect their duties, or significant relationship.

  3. Information overload - a huge amount of information available on the World Wide Web has created a new type of compulsive behavior. It is the uncontrolled internet surfing and searching databases for information. People spend a lot of time to search for the information and to structure it online.

Students make up the most significant part of network users and the risk of Internet addiction among this population group is the highest. The constant need for information, high cognitive motivation, high social activity and the lack of time of students, have formed the bulk of Internet users.

Internet addiction is a quite serious mental disorder which is very difficult to fight. That is why, in order not to become addicted from the Internet, we should use it only on need, and not to exceed the amount of hours we spend online. We should live normal and happy life in the reality, and get only advantages from the Internet usage.

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